What It Is: My Daily Show. 3.21.2016. Erdogan, ISIS, Fascism.

Some administrative stuff up front and then a lot of analysis of the stink coming from Turkey and Erdogan’s criminal regime.

3 thoughts on “What It Is: My Daily Show. 3.21.2016. Erdogan, ISIS, Fascism.”

  1. … so they are all friends and the media portrays them as enemies to promote war (money, fear, deaths, …), fear, etc. And it’s a lot of content to fill their papers, magazines, books, tv-time, etc. to keep our minds busy

  2. Just crawling through some of your older videos and I’m enjoying it. I would love to share, but I don’t partake in social media very often and the people I do have on Facebook and what not are too caught up in this Matrix to care about the sort of material you put out. They roll their eyes, tell you to shut up, you know the deal. Maybe that means I need new friends. Hmmm…

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