What It Is: The Internet | Agents, Bots & Pure Evil

The Internet has been infiltrated by agents and bots to create an environment of fear and divisiveness. The beginnings of a blueprint for how to fight back.

41 thoughts on “What It Is: The Internet | Agents, Bots & Pure Evil”

  1. As a total newbie to alternative media, I’m wading through lots of different types of messages being conveyed. It can be quite overwhelming at the outset, but I find what you have to say is said clearly. Having spent the last few years knowing something is very wrong with the reality I’m in, I also realise that false messages are being deployed to move me away from truth, to stop me being totally awake. The most obvious I’ve noticed in both msm and alternative media is the perpetual need to drench us in fear. Second to that is ridicule. Keep posting, I’ll keep watching. Oh, when someone has to attack someone else by picking on an attribute (your small nose) they have no argument and they don’t have a soul.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for finding me. I was never really worried about my nose because my mom always told me I was quite handsome. Keep watching and I’ll keep making videos, don’t you worry. We’re just getting started here at Lift the Veil studios.

        1. Yeah, I’m trying it out, but I haven’t gotten any traction at all so far. It’s not a perfect match for my content maybe, but maybe it will grow over time. Amazon actually came out with their own video service called Amazon Video Direct and they let you make money on everything you upload. The only problem is that they completely botched the service and nobody knows about it. Still, I make around $12 per month with the videos I put up there and that’s infinitely more than I get from Google for putting my stuff on YouTube. Hopefully a real alternative to YouTube will spring up at some point.

  2. 17:O2, that’s because he probably isn’t, we’re surrounded by them. He reminds me of the man at the newspaper stand in They Live, he wasn’t human either.
    I haven’t got much to offer in they way of info regarding the details of the video other than to say that he looks to be 6ft plus in the photo, I actually said to myself 6ft 2.

  3. A fellow YouTuber (Kim Hoaxashian) had his entire channel taken down, and was intimidated and stalked by people working for a company called Strategic Communications Laboratories, (UK) info here http://powerbase.info/index.php/Strategic_Communication_Laboratories

    The Observer called SCL a UK political communications consultancy firm, which it said was re-launching as a psyops operator.
    “SCL is clearly involved in military propaganda operations although few specific details are known of its operations. SCL’s website states that:

    ‘The demand for the agency grew out of the failure and frustration many clients experienced when trying to apply traditional marketing techniques to non-commercial issues, such as resolution of wars and civil strife, strike aversion, international crises and riot control’ ”

    Nigel Oakes Chief Executive Officer, “In 1984 the Globe and Mail referred to Oakes as ‘a hard-up Old Etonian of the “London set,” of whom it was recently rumored he was an MI5 spy”

    This is what people (in the UK atleast) who are trying to expose the truth, are up against – keep safe.

    1. I’ve talked to Kim before, he invited me to be on his show. I stopped talking to him after a few short chats because he was so negative about everything. I don’t know if he was one of the good guys in the first place.

      1. I think he has been severly affected by the heavy trolling attacks against him such as this – some people are bound to be adversely affected by such abuse – glad you are taking a more laissez-faire attitude but take care. There has to be a law against this but maybe secret service sanctioned so can’t do anything about it in UK. You have to think though, if they are trying so hard to take his views down, there must be an element of truth in his videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvhetDhKpQE

  4. Awesome video. Best you’ve done in a while. Very creepy that those people approached you. That means you’re doing something right. Keep it up because you’re providing real investigative journalism, not just conspiracy sensationalism like many truth sites have become.

  5. Hey. Thanks for this video. I was so full of despair and depressed again today, was ready to just kill myself. Good that there really is others out there that understand this evil shit we deal with. I am just fed up with it all. I am done. I don’t know what to do. Just thanks, for sharing your videos and giving me some kind of hope that I am not alone. 😉

    1. Be filled with hope and meet the future bravely. Be secure in your righteousness and you will receive your rewards.

      Have faith.

  6. Why do you say, “When the stock market crashes..” right after you were saying negative agendas don’t necessarily have to happen as long as we don’t go along with them/agree to it? Isn’t that statement assuming it will happen? Shouldn’t we think positively and envision a prosperous future? Because even if the markets mostly affect the elite, there will be negative consequences for everyone. If I think about it, it’s frightening. I don’t want to say, “not if but when” but do you think a financial collapse would be a good thing??

    1. There are some things that are mathematical certainties and the market crash and dollar collapse are two of those things. They are necessary parts of the reset and the only way Good comes to power is through the reset of the current Order.

  7. I’m new around here but I just wanted to tell you how I appreciate your delivery. Some probably don’t get your humor, but I find it fantastic. 40+ minutes is nothing… Bring on longer, your voice is lovely and I enjoy the message. I respect you for being able to put it out there without getting too emotional (and on cam no less). It’s good to be passionate but you don’t have to yell at your audience, right? So thank you.
    And wait, you have a nose? No nose remembering means it is not large. But then again, maybe I’m too busy staring at those lips? ;-). <3 wow, yeah that just happened.

  8. I enjoyed this video and think it was one of your better ones. Most people haven’t figured out that the battle for people’s minds is taking place right now throughout the internet and especially via social media which is why I steer clear of that. People are waking up in great numbers though and that gives me hope. A few years ago I was quite depressed as I realized the overwhelming majority of people were completely oblivious to what has and is going on. I decided to write an ebook and focus on what could possibly happen knowing full well that it may go the other way but I sold a few copies but soon saw how it just sank in the listing and I started thinking it may not have been as great as I initially thought. The ebook is on amazon kindle and is called ‘New World Order in Jeopardy as the World Awakens’.

    Keep up the good work, especially with lifting the veil on all these terrorist false flag events. I watched your early analysis of the Turkish coup and noticed you removed it. You don’t need to do that (remove videos) because it’s impossible to get everything right the first time. Your take on those events may later prove to be more accurate than you think. I for one don’t think it was a real coup and now with all these long lists of people being removed from the military, police, courts and even the Turkish department of Treasury it looks a little too convenient and planned to have been a coup which is what we’re being told to believe.

    1. I agree, Lurch – planned event so Erdogan can remove any dissenters.

      “Some 15,200 people have been fired from the education ministry and 257 were fired from the prime minister’s office. Judges and prosecutors have been fired and detained, 1,577 deans of private and public universities were asked to resign, 1,500 people from the finance ministry were dismissed, 877 people from the interior ministry, 100 from the intelligence agency.”

  9. Very interesting video. I like the topics you choose to discuss and your presentation is engaging and honest. I hope you don’t change the way you do things too much, as a previous commenter suggested numerous ways, because it seems to me there is a lot of integrity in the way you keep it simple and straight forward. Stay safe, and ♥️ To Doshi.

  10. No, your nose is not big at all pal, And I’ve only two things to say, Please,Please be CAREFUL these kind of people you had a so called interview with i’m sure they don’t mess around! especially when you read out the Profile of the boxer looking animal,(who would post that pic on a board of directors), and also the video was long, but very interesting. Thank you Peace out, Gary.

  11. Nathan, you’re right, it’s evil. Don’t trust anybody, we’re all being quadruple crossed at this stage in the game. We’re dealing with demonic forces at the end of the day and nothing good can come from these monsters, this goes way deeper than just a battle with flesh and blood.

    1. Amen. These are dark forces we’re dealing with and trying to pick friend from foe is futile. That’s a lot of f’s.

      1. And you know what number f is in the alphabet of course, does 4 f’s cancel out 3? That could almost make me suspicious of you Nathan.

  12. The website and the knowledge sandwiches are superb, as we’ve come to expect (and rely) on you for producing.
    I have an observation; not so earth-shattering, but still maybe telling…
    These events must have taken much advance planning – years? Why the sudden step-up in July 2016 with all the productions? Are they getting-in all they can before Trump gets in, or does the age of David Rockefeller tell another story?

    1. Lots of rumours online that Obama will introduce martial law this year,after one of these staged events so he can continue to be President and carry on with the NWO agenda

    1. p.s just watched the video and want you to know i’m not a shill you can search my name and see my guitar videos to prove it. I enjoyed the extra length to your video. Please keep up the great work and continue the positive information. Thanks

  13. I think your content on these sorts of issues is some of the best I have seen. Well researched, well delivered and good integration of visual content (maps, videos, Doshi etc.).

    It seems the events that need to be commented on by the aternative media are happening more often now and you will soon, and may already have, reached the max capacity determined by your available resources.

    I see that you already select which events to focus on based on what you feel energy for but it would be a shame if important topics dont get the ‘lift the veil’ treatment.

    I know its not easy to do but exploring opportunities for partnerships between content generators could be a good way of improving agility so that you can increase the amount of content you create without impacting quality.

    Some ideas:
    – share responsibility for covering events / topics between content generators and use this website to bring all of the links together in one place (I see you have started this)
    – create an overall storyline and narrative structure that allows us consumers to navigate topics of interest intuatively
    – together with the partners develop a capability to put ‘reporters’ on the ground following an event of interest in the US and global (all people like me, consumers of this content, are part of the ecosystem)
    – produce content together in a way that leverages each partner’s strengths (video, research, graphics, commentary etc)
    – reference out to books, videos and mainstream press content of interest so that consumers (maybe explorers is a better way of thinking about it) can easilly continue to explore topics of interest and share learning
    – explore some more technology / cognitive computing concepts like AI, natural language processing, computer vision etc. and how these massively important developments will change our world

    This got a bit longer than I expected… I always want to improve things and get a bit excited!

    1. Thank you. I know that I could do a lot more and a lot better with a team, but gathering a reliable team with $0 and double-agents around every corner isn’t as easy as one would think. I’ve reached out to people to help me or team up with me on the website and those efforts have pretty much failed every time. I’m afraid we’re stuck with what we’ve got for now. Once I get enough in donations to support myself, then I’ll focus on getting enough to have a staff.

  14. I think there are more people waking up and seeing the truth then ever before. even if people don’t like what I post about the truth I tell them they don’t have to read it, but its there if they want to. I had a lady try very hard to make me vote to stay in the EU I think she was a bot, I was getting videos after videos till I told her to stop and that I was voting out no mater what. I was so pleased we won that one . I have learned to just ignore hate comments . I love researching the truth and they wont stop me. I love watching your videos as it feels good to hear someone talk about what’s going on, its not easy to find people to talk to. I am very much a loner but I like it that way. We get called conspiracy theorists as if its a bad thing. So I call my self a truth seeker. As for you nose, its very nice and not at all big . I like your face . Keep up the good work .I tried using spell check this time , Don’t know if it helped lol

  15. I listened to the complete video and now I don’t know how to post this suggestion. If I say I’m not from GCHQ I won’t be believed. Maybe if I said I was from the STASI that might help. Anyway, I have tried making my friends and relatives aware of many similar things that you post on FB and I never get a like…. now I know why. So to the suggestion or suggestions. I now believe atomic weapons do not work and they never have, not even in Japan. Next I don’t believe there is a space station because reentry is not possible without burning up (forget magic tiles). This leads on to the fact that ICBMs do not work because they too would burn up. People always forget about the force of gravity and there doesn’t exist a large force (like a rocket) that would slow the space vehicle down…. forget the atmosphere close to the surface. Anyway that’s enough rambling from this delusional viewer.
    ps. Your nose looks normal to me.

  16. Nice on. I stick to the ‘what you give/radiate is what you get’. So give love, empathy, etc. I guess.

    Turkey, look at the facts and from there the what, why, how might come forward. If you try to overtake country you must think you have a fair chance. Didn’t seem the case here. So indeed, first figure out whether it was a coup or just theatre to get things done. Heard for instance that 3.000 judges are put aside.

  17. Jews? No, it’s the Annunaki! No, it’s the Jesuits! Communists! Interdimensional satan-worshippers!

    Sheesh, how should I know? I’ve never met anyone who was completely evil. And I suppose you could even make an argument that the powers behind everything might even consider themselves to be social philanthropists. And that’s exactly why we need to remain firm and fearless. (by the way, you forgot to say “Stay Fearless!”
    And your nose is average. The first I saw you, I thought you were French. Keep up the good work!

  18. This is the message I needed to hear today. I’ve seen in my own social networks that more people than I thought are expressing (usually in code, or through their silence) skepticism at the official narratives and rhetoric. Thanks for the long video and your encouragement to push back with equal and opposite force. Your nose is perfectly proportioned and sized, by the way.

    1. It looks like I totally got the news wrong, so it became irrelevant. I pulled it. I still want to know what really happened over there though.

      1. I too thought it was Russia. After looking into Turkey’s role into facilitating pipeline construction to the Mediterranean which would circumvent (Crimea takeover is a response to Western oil oligarchy messing with Soviet-Era puppet states) both Iran and Russia the story has plausibly flipped.

        Now, I think it is a power move AGAINST Russia, facilitated by the US. Erdogan is the west’s Putin and will keep firm control over grain and oil exports passing through the bosphorous. Kerry was in Moscow for some reason, no one knows why, probably to personally give Putin the finger as this all went down.

        Check these links out:
        1. Hurriyet newspaper in Istanbul “taken over” by coup soldiers with what appears to be 7.62 dummy shell casings. Notice the fluting

        2. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/16/turkey-reopens-key-route-for-oil-grains-transit-after-coup-attempt.html

        Nice longer vid, give us a knowledge sandwich buffet.

        1. Cool, thanks. It’s looking like the “coup” was staged by Erdogan to consolidate power. Silly me, I was fooled by the press seeming so out of sorts for once. I actually think my nose is spectacular. It has a power hump in the middle and, along with my gapped teeth, is a sign of virility and mystical powers 😉

          1. You read the scene wrong… the tank driver said ‘we’re with the Erdoğan’ which is why the crowd stopped attacking and started celebrating. The early bird doesn’t always get the worm.

          2. I know. The only way I can get to the zombies is if I get a video out right away, so I’m bound to have a few misses. In between I bring out the serious videos like this one.

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