Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-3B aka “Moon Buggy” Drawings

Source material for my presentation on the Lunar Roving Vehicle aka “Moon Buggy”.

Source: CJ-3B Drawings on CJ3B.info

2 thoughts on “Willys-Overland Jeep CJ-3B aka “Moon Buggy” Drawings”

  1. Nice vid. Though the fact they modified an old Jeep does not suffice to prove the whole thing was fake. I mean, they could simply have done that : modify a Jeep into a lunar vehicle. It just proves they had a limited budget, or limited technical knowledge to build a advanced technology light vehicle.

    Would be more convincing if you could prove for instance that it was not technically possible to embark a Jeep on board the Apollo spacecraft, or disembark the latter after landing on the moon. Or I don’t know, that there was not enough fuel to fly up to the moon and back, or prove that the surface of the moon isn’t as what it appears on the official video.

    I remember as a teenager, after seeing the vid of men supposedly on the moon for the first time, my first thought was : “is it that sandy/dusty on the surface of the moon? I would have assumed it was more rocky.”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I had to leave out all kinds of other damaging information to keep the video the length I was aiming at.
      They didn’t modify a Jeep and turn it into the thing you see driving around in Arizona or on a giant sound stage somewhere. That is a Jeep with all of its parts, but they edited out the Jeep. That’s why they put the camera and satellite dish right up the front of where the hood would end and then a “low gain antenna” right where the windshield would be. They just cut out everything in between those markers and put the background in. I’ll be doing all the stuff you mentioned as I go into it more. It’s hours of entertaining baloney from the propaganda agency known as NASA.

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