YouTube Censorship Scandal | Cloned Creator Accounts

This seems like a big deal to me. Some proof that channels are being taken over and cloned. We need to be able to do something about this.

21 thoughts on “YouTube Censorship Scandal | Cloned Creator Accounts”

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  2. Hey dude, a large part of the truth that I think you are missing is how important it is to use both sides of your brain, you have the logical side down forsure, many people in the truth community master that side, but the emotional side is the cure for all your ailments, as well as unlocking your creative power. Look into it please.

  3. D-WAVE(2X). The quantum computer now has over 1000 q -bits, this machine was quoted as being (Alien-God). can go all directions thru time, owned now by only 3 companies. google. nasa. university.socal… things it does .has a heatbeat, is aware fully of itself. and in google’s hands,, this along with cern, not good.. it is aware i am writting this,. thx LTV

    1. he did the funny hillary in apartment was funny he went and scooped some catshit from his cats litter tray and put it down toilet… last couple of the uploads on there not him hope this helps. robin is really cool man. but well spotted they are messing

    1. its not him i have followed him long time since old account closed. they are really doing bad shit now been ramping it up so bad since yesterday

  4. The first video that comes up in HowISee TheWorld’s channel is odd, because he doesn’t speak and the video references humans versus AI. The other videos are him speaking and on camera. It would be interesting to find out if he did put that last video up. I do know that Youtube somehow allows use of one’s exact username, same punctuation and avatar to be used in tandem with the original channel owner. This happened in more obvious fashion with KafkaWinstonWorld – more obvious because of the foul language left in the comments. The interesting thing both these cases have in common is this happened after their channels were shut down due to “copyright strikes”.

  5. what am I to conclude about his channel? has it been fake all along or hijacked recently? I subbed this dude recently and if it turns out there has been baloney all along , id drop his ass. by the way Nathan im the dude that you made a mistake by reading my comment to some shill douche and thought I was directing it to you! that asshole commented back to me and told me what deep thinker he was and misspelled several words! as I told you in my initial comment on your youtube channel, I hope youre real. so far my detector hasn’t gone off yet and that’s good. its a a fuckin minefield out here when trying to avoid the spooks and slick dis-info. deo vindice and parabellum.

    1. I can throw in my 2 cents here. HowISee TheWorld (formerly HowISeeIt) is a stand up guy with an excellent channel. He is like a relentless bulldog on our side, which is exactly why his channel gets strikes, takedowns and his avatar hijacked. I would say that so long as you hear his voice or see him on screen then it’s legit. If someone is tampering with his account, it’s because he is good. So he is definitely not a fake and I certainly would not “drop him”.

      1. What if it isn’t HISI, what if the person we are seeing isn’t him, I’ve been having some very odd experiences of late, I don’t even trust anything I’m witnessing with my own eyes.

  6. Sorry my friend but you’re wandering off in a strange direction again. Paranoia comes from fear and fearlessness is something necessary for this ongoing information war. Don’t get lost in the fog, have faith that you know where you’re going & get back to doing what you do best.
    If there is something going on then you spending time pointing this out would be exactly what they would want you to do, keeps you looking small and keeps you from doing what you should be doing videos on.

  7. Personally, I would put the bad punctuation down to substandard education or phones that make it difficult to enter the correct mistakes. Seems to me that if there are AI bots capable of intelligent commenting, the punctuation would be impeccable because they’d be easily programmed to get that right. But having said that I have come across my fair share of lazy and weird punctuation lately. You may be onto something. They could be fucking with you to make you appear paranoid and lose subscribers; or equally you may be being a tad paranoid. I guess the only way to be 100% sure is to screenshot the suspect comments of Robin’s and have him verify whether he sent them. I hope you get to the bottom of it. Cheers.

  8. I’m pretty creeped out by the thing with Robin. He said right there in your video that he hasn’t been sending you messages..but the account you showed is the same one I’m subscribed to and he’s been uploading and using it as normal. Admittedly, I did find the ‘Hilary Clinton in my apartment’ video a little odd. But I just thought he was feeling comical that day. Is it possible that someone has his account password? It just seems so strange because the account you showed is definitely his.

    1. I think the account password thing is possible, but it would have to be HISI (Robin) in the Hillary Clinton apartment video, unless he has been cloned or demon possessed or something of the like.

  9. Wow Nathan, I’m in the middle of your video, I’m totally confused now. Why do you think they use the punctuation in the way they do? This is all freaking me out, I been having really, really odd personal experiences of late and this is just topping it all off.

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