YouTube Sold its Soul | “Advertiser-friendly” Censorship

I weigh in on the brouhaha about YouTube making certain videos ineligible for monetization (or running ads). I have some experience since my whole channel has been disabled from monetization since this January.

16 thoughts on “YouTube Sold its Soul | “Advertiser-friendly” Censorship”

  1. I’ve got a question. What did you mean with that line with Miley Cyrus and that black guy (10:40)? Is it because of that twerking and stuff or about a black guy dancing with Cyrus?

    1. I was just saying that the way this “advertiser-friendly” campaign is going to be waged will most likely be arbitrary. I’m not saying that video would be in any way offensive, but I’m saying they’ll un-monetize a video critical of Hillary Clinton before they would un-monetize something like that.

      1. Okay, because there were rumors that you went totally racist sounding absurd to me. To take Cyrus and a black guy as an example, it triggers those pc people too much, it seems.
        Keep it up, I like to listen to your thoughts. If I weren’t so poor, I would donate something.

        PS: I got another question. Could you make more videos about keeping one’s vibes high? I think, it’s most important not to get lost nowadays.

  2. Re the duodecimal volunteers, it might be that there is an issue about not wanting to be on YouTube or internet. Just a thought.

    1. It’s a tough sell, I know that now. But I think it’s possible. I actually don’t need anybody on camera because it’s going to be fixed on the whiteboard, so that might help. I’ll get my volunteers eventually!

    2. True that! Plus, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself with my rudimentary math skills.
      But I’d definitely tune in to watch and learn….
      And to take a gander at the eye candy. 🐱

  3. I agree with the commenter who said that eventually these types of channels will be disabled. Obviously there is a push by Big Media to have people getting their news from Twitter, Facebook and other such sources. Obviously advertisers have no problems with war, death, racism, sexual material, etcetera since the nightly news is full of advertisements. The problem is people are watching an alternative to the commercial media narrative and that leads to a lack of control. We are not supposed to question or think critically, we are meant to believe what we are told and do as we are told. Giving logical, rational people the opportunity to challenge the official story is turning into a threat.

    Google and YouTube have long been censoring this material in clever ways that we don’t notice, they track your searches and give you biased results. They are just as evil as every other part of the “world wide web” – is a web a good thing? No, it’s a trap usually ending in a tortured death. Given this name was chosen long ago and TPTB are meticulous planners, this was always the plan – get us to spy on ourselves with these devices and make certain that we discard and forget any other method of communication. When you play their game, on their turf then you play by their rules – the house always wins.

    Side note: regarding the duodecimal “class” I think the only issue people may have is the ‘must be a donor’ clause. Technically, the video (if successful) will benefit LtV monetarily and you need the assistants to perform the class as desired but also insisting that they must “pay to play” can seem a bit distasteful. It could be “follow me on Twitter”, “must have commented on a video” or have been subscribed for X amount of time. So Jay did make a contribution, smart on her part if she wanted material from you for her article but had she not made said donation, would you have asked her to donate in order to be interviewed for your show? Granted, due to her career, the show was beneficial to her as well. For the math class though it seems you are reaching out to your audience (who likely don’t care about twitter followers or getting their “name out there”), who benefit you in more ways than just donations. Some post comments to forums recommending you, share your videos with their friends, even the act of viewing or liking on YT makes the video more desirable just as commenting on your website. It’s your channel, your show so this is simply my opinion although without an audience (of which I am a part) you wouldn’t have a show…

    1. I was just hoping to get out of the hole that buying the whiteboard setup put me in. LtV Productions also had to spring for another microphone last month in order to do the show we wanted to with Jay. That’s almost $250 in expenses and I netted $495 in donations in August after PayPal fees. Honestly I thought I was offering something that people would be really excited about participating in and if my audience can’t afford a $5 donation after 180 videos, I’m not sure what to say about that.

      All the same I will probably have to do as you suggest and open it up to everyone. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Don’t give up. Your channel’s getting bigger steadily and that’s the main thing. Hopefully the more subscribers, the more donations through your website.
    I read on twitter that videos are being de-monetized for talking about mental health stuff, it seems there’s a sudden crack-down this week.
    Look forward to the duodecimal class when you get some brave souls to participate. (Of which I’m not one!)

  5. First thing…. don’t be discouraged. (easy to say I know)
    Next:- I wonder if the guy on umpteen thousand hits speaks at home like that. I prefer your natural style.
    OK let’s cut to the chase. It seems to me that when the controlled mainstream media were losing out to the internet something had to be done to control the narrative so Google and YouTube were heavily promoted and the competition frozen out. So now Google and YouTube are part of the controlled narrative.
    You stuck your head over the parapet and was noticed. This actually is an encouraging sign because it shows that the “all seeing eye” of the powers that be is just propaganda. They have made people think that their every move is watched when in reality there is no way they can observe everyone as long as you stay hidden amongst the crowd.
    A possible solution would be to start a new YouTube channel without asking for donations (thus keeping your head below the parapet) and then directing people to your website.
    As for duodecimal I like counting Gold and Silver in troy ounces and in grams.

  6. There will probably come a day that controversial videos will result in the deactivation of accounts on youtube. Until then just keep doing what youre doing, share the truth on as many platforms as possible. You should ask for help from fellow truthers to share your page or do more interviews to create more awareness. You by far have the best balance ive found to share the truth in a calm and rational way. There are plenty of fraudulent events to come, and when they happen im running to your channel and website for the details. I appreciate the work you do.

  7. I would love to see you and other content creators get together and demand that youtube, and google for that matter, pay you for the traffic that you generate. They are really just middle men that provide only a platform and then try to profit off the original work of others. Lord knows they are getting filthy rich by tracking our viewing habits and selling that information to all comers. Did they ever offer me or you a portion of these profits? If the internet becomes much more censored, I for one will turn it off. Just like I did with my television. Starve the Beast.
    You are skilled at your craft and I don’t usually enjoy the hysteria and hype of guys like DeFranco. Never heard of him. Probably hacks all his views and subscribers.
    You seem like you would be a fabulous 6th grade math teacher, Nathan. Ever thought about making tutoring videos or getting in front a BIG whiteboard?? As always, wishing you every success.

    1. Just had to chime in…Ann, you hit it spot on. I’ve fired AT$T and Di$hnet both this month.

      I caught that you were joking about Miley/whitegirl/blackguy…just sarcasm. Miley Cyrus in general should be banned…including everything she twirks.

      I think there is something larger going on behind the scenes, the whole scenario smells funky…maybe something to do with the UN takeover of the net by the end of the month?

      I was able to catch the duodecimal lesson…the math trick at the beginning totally blew my mind! But as I’m not a math-minded person, all of those cool math tricks impress me.

      You did a great job on the lesson, I even figured it out! I’m in the middle of homeschooling 4th grade math, but I may have to stick to the traditional unless I could alter the online lesson plans a little. I might get my 10yo to watch it when we get back from Minecon and see if it works for him.

      Luv ya bunches LtV…homelife is going amazingly smooth, everyone is all sober and stable and I’m still vapin’ away! Also got big plans for a Halloween Hysterectomy (or a sex change depending on what the new healthcare plan will pay for!) Keep sending the happy vibes and prayers!

  8. you should join the rest of us at: minds dot com it is the perfect place for you and any truthers to not only post videos but engage subscribers as you do here…..not saying this site of yours is anything but good,but perhaps you can help yourself grow further 🙂 great video as always and have a good night/day

  9. You’re kinda “too big to fail” at this moment in time. If you want to make an impact, open up you comments. Take the shit that happens there. Answer the top comments and always make fun of the stupid comments and mention the users that have a good comment. That’s what the comment section is all about. People will still go to your website and follow you if you ask them as long as there is value there. Try it and see.
    Make google work for you and your needs.

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