Zika: It’s not what you think it is (it’s much worse)

A disturbing report of what is truly behind the birth defects being attributed to the Zika virus.

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  1. I like a good conspiracy as much as the next man, but there is a minor hole in your theory. Only female mosquitoes bite, and viruses only inject their own DNA into the cells of the host. Let’s just say a GM male comes along and impregnates a female who is carrying the Zika virus in her stomach. The female then needs to drink blood so she has a source of protein with which to form the eggs which she will lay later. During the bite, some of the Zika virus escapes down her feeding tube and starts reproducing itself inside the human host. At no point in this process does GM, or in fact any, mosquito DNA get injected into the human. I’m inclined to believe that larvicides and/or mercury laced vaccines are a more likely candidate for causing the birth defects.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with you especially since the Rhesus monkey has been used in labs since the 1930s for vaccine research such as for the polio vaccine. There has been a major push for pregnant women to get the TDAP vaccine to prevent Pertussis in their infants. This was also encouraged in Brazil among pregnant women. I have been researching SV40 (Simian virus) which originated from monkeys in research labs and is now being linked to VIRUSES that slowly cause cancer in humans…since 1940s polio outbreak and vaccine development when it was introduced to humans through vaccines and immunizations.

  2. There’s a few of gaps in this notion about the genetically modified mosquito as the cause of the birth defects associated with zika virus. First, the males do not bite. There would be no way for a second generation to continue breeding as all the males would be gone because they wouldn’t have access to tetracycline. Second, the mosquito larvae also don’t bite. There would be no way from them to get the tetracycline in order to survive to adulthood. The idea behind this method is that the larvae are never able to mature, hence the die-off. Third, even without the other two, there’s no way to past this on to humans. And, even if this was passed on to humans, tetracycline doesn’t have any serious birth defect related affected as the likely quantities passed on in a bite. If you are suggesting that the zika virus has somehow adopted the tTAV gene and is passing that along to humans, the genetic marker should be present in the zika virus, which should be easily detectable with RT-PCR using assays that already exist.

  3. They’ve already released them in Florida. Let’s see how they explain the results from this preplaned experiment! Why don’t they just nuke us and get it over with already? They want to see us squirm! Shades of Caligula.

  4. Man this could be bad….ok GMO Mosquitoes? wasn’t the lyme tick a lesson? Would adding aerosol alcohol have any effect with the male mosquitoes? Doxycycline and Alcohol can be dangerous for us, what about the insects? Once all GMO mosquitoes are gone then legal action and over site has to start just don’t send more gmo mosquitoes out I’m just wondering making small traps and hitting them with a cone blast of aerosol alcohol (localized) would do, and how effective.

  5. I have had two friends from Texas share pics of very bizarre mosquitoes. They were both much bigger than usual. I miss my childhood…life was so normal back then. Darkness is spreading quickly. Stand in the Light under His Wing.

    Be safe. Peace be upon you!

  6. A lot of very informative comments. I tend to believe the blame placed on the virus is a misdirection as well. The Gates Foundation has been supplying contaminated vaccinations in parts of African and South America. There seems to be a direct correlation with the people in these regions becoming sick. My children are of age but I have decided to reject all future vaccinations.

    1. The Rockefeller Foundation owns the patent on this virus since 1943. So him saying it sarted naturally in 1953 sounds like a misdirection to me. Correct me if I’m wrong but the only way you can own a patent on something is if it’s man made. HHMMMM.

      1. This is a long, yet very eye-opening video of how good intentions can go so, so wrong. Such as the case of vaccines starting the entire epidemic of CANCER due a push for the polio vaccine. https://youtu.be/cyDVew6J8gc
        Be informed…even if there’s nothing you can do about it.

  7. Weaver recommends pregnant women avoid traveling to places where the Zika virus is circulating. “Even though the link is not proven, it’s strong enough that I would not want to risk doing that,” he says. “For normal, healthy adults, it’s not a big risk.”

  8. I’ve been trying to get to sleep and thinking about the small heads on the babies from some photos I saw. It popped into my head that it was familiar somehow. Anyway : Brussels bombing. Elder Mason Wells back in Salt Lake in hospital. He’s in a photo with Dallin H. Oaks. TINY head.
    I think it was a russianvids video I saw on how small it was. It does look crazy small compared to his body. Fox SLC 30th March shows photos of him with various other people. This has always stuck in my mind as being very odd, I’m just wondering if it’s connected as a message. It links in my mind.

    1. I agree with this. Incidentally, these gmo mosquitoes need antibodies to survive… what virus attacks human antibodies guys? I dont think you are foolish, but its HIV… so, hmm… is it possible, that even the tiger mosquitoes are gmo too? ive been observing them as they come to dinner (on me)… these tigers are relentless, yet weak, they suck poorly, attack multiple times, even exhaust themselves trying to get blood… are they meant to combine with the antibody reliant mosquitoes to eventually make hiv airborne? or at least transmissible by something other than the known ways of getting hiv… just a thought… anyone have something to add, im all about discussion.


      1. They survive with the help of tetracycline, commonly available in cow or other livestock animals and I believe in the chemical sprays being used to kill the mosquitos, giving them more time. Maybe just a rumor, dunno for sure.

      2. There is a disease similar to hiv in horses, called swamp fever or coggins. Horses can be carriers or become sick soon after contracting this. It is spread through mosquitos. The virus lives for a certain amount of time in the mosquito…long enough to bite another horse within a certain distance and infect it. We’re talking about a virus so small it can fit through the pore of a condom.

  9. I did some digging into this yesterday. I find the hypothesis very plausable, it has been raised before and you have added to it with your observations about how common Tetracycline is our farming system. It would be interesting to look into the concentration of Tetracycline that is required for genetic transcription to take place and the levels that are normal in farmed animals.

    There is an issue with the locations of release in Brazil though…

    There were two releases to combat Dengue fever: 1) 2011 release in Itaberaba and 2) 2015 release in Piracicaba. Neither of these locations is close to the microcephaly cases that are being linked to Zika or the big arrow on the map you have shown in your presentation.

    There could have been other, undisclosed releases but these are the releases that Oxylab have declared.

    Im sure you have seen this page in your research:

    1. If you take a look at the “Brazil” section of Oxitec’s website, you’ll see that the original field testing in Brazil was done “in the neighbourhoods of Itaberaba and Mandacaru in Juazeiro, and in Jacobina.” If you look at where those towns are and then this map or this map showing the incidence of microcephaly cases, you’ll see there is a case to be made for the GM mosquitos being the culprits. It isn’t exactly a bulls-eye on each town, but the hot spots are all around that area.

      The real trouble comes in when you look at the Cayman Islands, which is where Wikipedia says the first trials of the “friendly” mosquitos were done. According to this article and others, Cayman not only has had no incidence of microcephaly, they also have no incidence of Zika infection as of yet, unlike surrounding nations.

      I’m looking at this thing from all sides. The problem with all three explanations for the rise in birth defects – vaccines, GM mosquitos & Zika – is that all three have appeared in other parts of the world without a coincident rise in birth defects. I’ll be covering the vaccine angle in my next Zika piece I believe. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Good work and critical thinking.

        One hypothesis that could be useful to consider is that this is a mutation in the Zika virus itself which is causing the genes that cause the tTAV protein to be produced to be passed on to the human and cause microcephaly. It is combination of the Oxitec mosquito and the mutated Zika virus that causes the microcepaly. This fits the data and viruses are often used in genetic experimentation to insert on genes… its what viruses do.

        So to test the hypothesis… no cases of microcephaly will occur where the Oxitec mosquito is not preset (the little fuckers glow under a special light due to an engineered trait…).

      2. I don’t understand how the modified mosquitoes could get any amount of tetracycline considering that males are 100% herbivorous: only female mosquitoes drink blood. However, studies are indicating (due to the absence of microcephaly among Zika infected pregnant mothers in Columbia) that birth defects are directly related to the pesticide pyriproxyfen, which is used to treat Brazil’s drinking water to kill mosquito eggs. This chemical is known to cause defects such as microcephaly.

        1. As for the tetracycline, it widely used in livestock and mostly passed through in their urine, so getting a required dose (which is surely minimal) doesn’t seem like it would be difficult. The larvacide is another theory, but it was also widely used before here in the USA and elsewhere and was never linked to microcephaly (although one commenter here thinks it is related). Anyway, in another video in the series I talk about the problems with the mosquito hypothesis.

  10. How do you rule out the Tdap vaccine as being causative of these fetal deformations since the vaccine seems to be mandatory in Brazil coinciding with the significant increase in said conditions and 80% of the affected births are occurring in the state of Pernambuco, currently experiencing a population boom – thus receiving the largest percentage of the vaccine. The liberal use of the vaccine and the huge increase in these birth defects also predate the Oxitec trials in Brazil by at least 2 years. It also does not seem that the other Oxitec trial locations are experiencing the same issues with increasing birth defects.

    As for the mosquitoes, it seems a very clever way to introduce disease carrying vectors into areas where such diseases do not occur. Really the “science” is laughable since the male mosquitoes could not reproduce beyond that first generation since they supposedly die before reaching sexual maturity. Of course there is no mention of the easily obtained tetracycline.

    1. I concur. In the video above [1:30], it was shown that Zika is also implicated in Guillain–Barré syndrome. Did you know that vaccines cause GBS¹?

      The Zika thing is used by the CDC as a biological scapegoat, a microscopic vaccine-apologist whose only function is the misdirect attention away from the harm vaccines cause.

      This is a short article on how DTaP Vaccines were mandated for pregnant women in Brazil: http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2016/02/tdap-vaccinations-for-all-pregnant-women-in-brazil-mandated-in-late-2014/


      1. My first thoughts were the GM mosquitos, too, but after researching the pertussis vaccine, I concur. It’s time we take a very careful look at exactly what they are putting in our vaccines. In one of my other comments I put a link to The Silent Killer which explains the origin of the well intended polio vaccine that opened the door for many, many cancers. The amount of Mercury and Aluminum alone in the Dtap and Tdap should scream “stay away”. There is a direct link to autism, gbs and many other autoimmune disorders associated with childhood immunizations.

    2. Oxitec themselves say that around 5% of the moscquitos will survive… how is that a self-limiing system? Its amazing that they can get a liscence to release these creations.

    3. Take a look at my reply to Cherendene regarding the locations of the earlier tests right near the epicenter of the epidemic. Those tests began in 2012, so no problem with the timing either. Anyway, my other comment sums up what I found.

  11. I have a different take on Zika. A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office database shows that Merck is named as the assignee of the patent of a cure for the Zika virus, ie as the person who holds the whole interest of a patent, invented by others.
    The date the application was filed is given as October 5, 2006.
    Novartis is also named in a patent for a Zika cure, dated February 7, 2008.

    The Zika virus is harmless, so no market for the vaccine. The microcephaly occurring area of Brazil was subjected to two toxins:

    — a mosquito-killing substance (I think it may have been a larvacide), which they put in the water, which is also used for drinking and cooking.

    –Pregnant women, by order of Brazilian Ministry of Health, following their October report were all vaccinated w Tdap. The CVE report recommended the Tdap vaccine be given to women between the 27th week and 36th week of their pregnancy, and that it could also be administered up to 20 days prior to the expected date of birth.1 The report specified the Tdap produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of the United Kingdom as the one to be used. GSK has a technology transfer agreement with Brazil’s Butantan Institute for the production of the Tdap vaccine6 in Brazil. Tdap is normally for pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus.

    It is noteworthy that the symptoms of rubella exposure are those shown by the babies: “The study showed that there were 49 cases where the
    mother had been exposed to rubella during pregnancy,
    with 31 having congenital malformations including
    cataract, deaf mutism, heart disease, microcephaly, and
    mental retardation.” This quote refers to a well-known Australian study by Gregg. http://www.teratology.org/updates/58pg13.pdf

    http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2016/02/tdap-vaccinations-for-all-pregnant-women-in-brazil-mandated-in-late-2014/ is understandable that the Brazilian government was concerned about the upward trend in pertussis infections. By the end of 2014 National Immunization Program (NIP) had begun the vaccinations.2

    http://www.gazetaonline.com.br/_conteudo/2016/01/noticias/cidades/3919597-o-zika-hoje-depois-da-violencia-e-talvez-um-dos-mais-graves-problemas-de-saude-publica-no-brasil.html already experiencing other complications from the virus in babies, such as eye problems, hearing, microcalcifications in the brain and muscular skeletal malformations, which will cause effects on neurological development of these children.

    http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1103354/pg1 “Although the Brazilian government has said there are almost 4,000 cases of microcephaly in the country, only six of the cases have been strongly linked to Zika virus via laboratory testing that confirms genetic material from the virus is present in the infant, Claudio Maierovitch, director of the Department of Communicable Disease Surveillance in Brazil’s Ministry of Health”

    I wd suggest that the doctor who claims microcephaly in other Zika regions or engineered-mosquito regions is reinforcing the DESIRED link Zika-microcephaly. Notice the downplaying of the symptoms of cataracts & deafness which are already being reported in Brazil. Further, people in Brazil must be suspecting a link to the “Tdap” vaccination, because this is now being “covered” w the Brazilian rumor that the vaccine may have been beyond its expiration date.

    I have a large file which I wd be happy to e-mail or download here for Lift the Veil, if desired.

      1. Could you just say here, publicly, “Received it.” (It didn’t behave like other e-mails; just want to be sure.)

        Thx –P

  12. John Rappoport, a medical journalist, writes a lot about the fake Zina virus. He has a great website, nomorefakenews(dot)com. Great video, as always!

    Doshi is looking especially dazzling today, the ham! ♥️

  13. Mandatory TDaP vaccine in Brazil prior to outbreak. Mercury / Thimiserol included with vaccine is known to harm the brain (hence link to autism and neurological diseases) — See faxed. I suspect to cover the TDaP link, Zika is being used, to then allow the use of said GM mosquitos to distribute (Mercury?/TDaP?) to create a false outbreak of Zika due to the BS link forced narrative in the MSM.

    1. Okay, how about this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipi3OneIw0A

      The video shows how Mercury affects neurons. Mercury is used in the Thimerosol (sp?) used to preserve vaccines. That is to say studies on vaccines do not take into account the (preservatives? Stabilizers? Not sure of the purpose, just the presence) used for the injections. Note the quantities of Mercury noted in the video above and compare that quantity to that can be present in vaccinations. Then consider the mandatory injection in Brasil in 2014. Then consider Mercury in the mothers blood flowing into a fetus … This should not be a ‘conspiracy theory’, but something that any sane person would consider possible, then actually study it, and THEN determine whether it is possible. Pretty sure the snail neurons used in the above link would prevent me from EVER wanting Mercury in my bloodstream. So WHY IN THE HECK is it used in ANY vaccine? That is so stupid, only science can explain it. Yeah, I am an ‘anti-vaxxer’, but more so for the ingredients than the idea of how vaccines themselves work (exposure to weakened forms of something for immune system familiarity — see that makes sense). Mercury in the bloodstream does not.

    2. The problem with that line of thought is that the Glaxo Dtap Vaccine is Mercury-free¹ according to multiple sources. The Glaxo Infantrix® Dtap Vaccine does contain Aluminum however. It is worth reading the HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION² for this vaccine. It explicitly states that administering this vaccine to someone with Guillain–Barré Syndrome is contraindicated. I wonder why?


    3. I think that vaccines could be part of the problem, if not the problem, but the issue with that line of thought is that Glaxo’s Dtap Vaccine is Mercury-free¹ according to multiple sources. The Glaxo Infantrix® Dtap Vaccine does contain Aluminum however. It is worth reading the HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION² for this vaccine. It explicitly states that administering this vaccine to someone with Guillain–Barré Syndrome is contraindicated. I wonder why?


  14. I don’t know when you put this out exactly but it is interesting to see the WHO Emergency page updated on August 5th with the exact opposite message of this video. NO CONNECTION with g.m. mosquitoes according to them.
    I will have to watch this again to remember everything but it is brilliantly researched.

    1. “Dispelling rumours around Zika and complications
      5th August 2016
      There is no evidence that Zika virus disease or microcephaly in Brazil is caused by genetically modified mosquitoes. Only genetically modified male mosquitoes are released, so there is no risk of disease transmission to humans because only females bite humans. The genes of male mosquitoes are modified causing future offspring to die. This practice is designed to control mosquito populations.”

      WHO protesting too much?
      There is a lot more info about the future of vaccinations on their site.

      I don’t know how to post a link or I would.
      If it’s as clear as day that they’re connected.

      1. “Oxitec’s solution was recently recommended by the World Health Organisation ( WHO) for deployment in operational conditions….”

        From Oxitec’s Safety and Sustainability page.

  15. Nice you’re back on track. Good logical post. One step further leads to the thought that the whole Zika episode with ‘modified’ mosquitos is not an “accident” but a well thought out designed plan to make huge amounts of money from the vaccinations that will follow.

    ps. Just a request for your investigative mind to work on in the future:-
    The Daily Bell (thedailybell(dot)com) is doing a whole series on the Nuclear Bomb hoax.
    It would be really good if you could look at this and help spread the word about the needless fear of atomic war.

    1. I was just reading Miles Mathis’ work on that. I don’t cover anything I don’t have a unique angle on, but I am looking at it closely. Cheers.

  16. Weaponized zika virus & poisonous vaccines. This is Bill Gates’ baby. His money funded the GMO mosquito program. The high levels of tetracycline in the environment seemed to catch them with egg on their faces. My guess is that the tTAV protien, which is a lovely concoction of E. Coli and Herpes Simplex virus, has mutated. Perhaps on purpose. It seems there is no bar too low when it comes to harming our babies. I hope we are reaching the end of their playlist soon.

  17. Hi I watched a hearing from DARPA’s scientist wanted to and got the OK to release infected mosquitoes up in Yosemite to see how it travels threw peninsula,video is on YouTube DARPA channel from a year and a half ago it was some blonde chubby chick I think her name may have been Jessica it shows them in a hearing to do out field research for malaria.check it out for yourself

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