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    I love Nate but he's really fuelling fearporn to the max and not digging deep.

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    Cant you set the door dash account in your wifes name? I always have people deliver to me that are not the people off the app. Uber eats and instacart. Also, why does kamala always sound drunk?

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    Don't believe anything they say on main stream.

    That's your first mistake

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    I love that Eclipse is not dangerous to Natives of this planet! and Planet is Plane it – It's a Plane Flat earth, but not a pancake of course!

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    Can I comment at all or is it the pith of my witticisms?

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    100x worse than koofs… Let me do some math. (100)x(0) = 0 Okay, sounds good, but you geniuses can get your totally great masks ready and stand in lines for you super safe and effectives.

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    Well if it does its being done on purpose. These rich scumbags need to be stopped

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    Bill Gates has been suspiciously quiet lately— now we know what he’s been up to!

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    You know we have to have a new pandemic just in time for the election

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    Controlled demolition of the food supply. You know Gates and his cronies are behind this with his acquisition of synthetic meats.

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    The Adderall is STRONG with this one! LOL!

    JKJK. I love how many different topics you cover in your streams <3

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    Yeah electric bikes are a great way to get around especially for 9 months of the year in the midwest when it's cold

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    Yeah Nathan electric bikes are real good investment if you're hit by if you live in a suburban area of the United States where there are massive amount of trucks and people with huge SUVs and trucks and if you're hit by one it won't be too bad

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