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    cue musical intro

    I have so much respect and love for you, Nathan, I always wish you well

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    Covid makes your hair fall out. Teeth too. Holy crap Nathan. That's a lot fast. That's not normal. I went to both cosmetology & massage school. Go to the doctor.
    BTW, hair transplants have come a long way. They do it follicle by follicle so theres no surgical lines or any recovery really. Looks amazing. They perfected it. You have to do it earlier than later so have a consult. U wanna do it while u have a lot of healthy hair lower on your scalp. That's where they harvest from.
    Also, massage your scalp, in the shower is most convenient. Stimulating but not damaging the follicles. I have a neon argon face zapper thing. It has a hair attachment.

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    You know liquid death has a witch that puts a curse on each can before it leaves the warehouse?

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    I like to see you. I am new to country. It’s is being nice to make shows for there’s people to watch them for you.

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    Your show is on when I’m sleeping. But I do like to

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    I talk about LTV & DeFango on my show
    I see Nathan as becoming more fringe and speculate about Why & How he got arrested

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    We're all forced to be sun worshippers. Slaves live on the ground, under the sun.

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    Glad you had a good day! You are loved by many, remember that❤

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    I don't like to feed a paranoid spirit, but they called my Bipolar mom paranoid&it turned out the wild stuff she was saying before she suddenly died was very accurate after all. Some people get harassed to death in this cruel world I refused to witness too long. I just had the thought that it's easy to jump to conclusions that maybe you're being messed with for calling me in July 2017. Maybe someone is upset you bring credibility to me by our daily phone calls that month you went to Mt Shasta to interview Quinn Michaels. It just seems super weird that you say you were ticketed on 4-7-2023 bc that's the 10yr anniversary of my CIA Minister Spy Exhubby's death. I didn't even know I was a CIA ExWife Widow when we talked daily vack then. It took 7 yrs for his deathbed confession and news of 2nd wife's house burning down after to reach me. I knew he was a Spy furctge Army in Germany as we were divorcing in 1982, but I never thought wbout spy stuff again. I now suspect some of the freaks in your livestreams & Discord Chat back in 2017 were quite aware I was a surprise CIA Minister Spy Widow. Cults. You seem to draw in Death Cult types who enjoy seeing people tortured in various forms. It feeks good to finally say that to you. I'm sirry if it hurts your feelings. Simply my Ret Psych Nurse/Foster Mom/USVet/Energyworker opinion. Ditch the Monster drinks, Buddy.

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