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    Nathan is one of the internet’s finest no doubt on the real, back in the humane days of YouTubers.

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    When youtube started taking the sandy hook false flag videos down that was a bad day for you tube. That really showed how dishonest the alphabet agencies and deep state is. Although Alex jones and Bill Cooper was teaching us that early on.

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    I love AJ and fall asleep to Infowars every night!

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    I think that it's really cool that you're Jewish but you should really share more about it with your viewers instead of hiding it. It's easy to research Jewish names of different countries including Italy or Portuguese, Spain even India and China. They move there and mix just a little bit just to have a big appearance of those people so that they will go undetected. That's awesome! Jews are the coolest people ever!

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    the groveling of AJ was nauseating.

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