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    LTV made Stew Peters when talking about isaac kappy

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    When Alex apologized for piza qate. That's when it was obvious he was compromised.

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    The FBI blew the window out of the front of the "school" at 6:30 pm – the evening of the mornings "shooting event".

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    Kelly Terifay of Sandy Hook is the fictitious character/victim Josephine Gay.

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    Free speech?
    Try promoting free speech yourselves.

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    So now without having to recommit another version of thos fear raising event….the have placed this event and alk the fear and sorrow in our hearts and lives. Be vigilent and by all means guard your heart.

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    The latest incantation of Adam Lanza is a deepfake.
    Are you kidding?

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    You two are hilarious together …I am an old romantic so I just hope your online intimacy with Janelle doesn't hurt your marriage Nathan? Like I wanted the fairytale ending with you having babies but maybe ypur wife is an MI6 honeytrap like maybe Field McConnell's wife Denise?

    Crazy world but your satire and irony is delightful as always

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    #johnnydepp gets more evidence heard then alex (welcome to the matrix)

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    Bill Hicks was born almost a decade before Alex Jones, and he was CANCERED to death.

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    The Alien girl is charming!

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    Prove Anderson Cooper is Real! Hilarious!

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    This will only make AJ more famous and an underdog. They are making him a martyr.

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    Free Speech? Remember:Alex Jones was deplatformed from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter on the same day…

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    Miss the CAT…Long time consumer…

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    I understand your dissapointment with Alex, Jelayna, I feel the same that he should have stood on principal and consequences be dammed. I think he is afraid of losing info wars whole sale and that makes him weak/vulnerable

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    Glad it’s still online, I fell asleep yesterday during stream

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    The $4.2 million under local law will only be half and the $45 million under Texas law is capped at $700K per defendant per case so that is massively reduced to $2.8 million. That from AJ. I listen every day. AJ survives. The publicity from this is massively positive for AJ. One meme video alone on twitter has gone viral with 6.4 million views were AJ mentions The Clintons trafficked children.

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    I'm really not impressed with you 2 at all. Stop running AJ down. Get your facts straight before you open you mouths.

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    Nate! You are a Corporal in the infowAr

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    Alex Jones is messing with everyone.

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    He's only back on Trump if he retracts on the vaccine issue.

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    As it is an anniversary year – do you think this trial was to pre-empt any more conspiracy theories being pushed forward? The timing seems highly synchronous to me. I really enjoy your channel Nate – and I hope your new job is as good as you want it to be. Regards to Jelayna too.

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    Nobody should listen to one source for sure. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Dave at Common Sense Show, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Roman at Epoch Times Facts Matter, Truth Stream Media, Dennis Michael Lynch, Glenn Beck, John B Wells, Judicial Watch, Justice Knight and Lisa Haven, Kevin Shipp, Millenial Millie, Peak Prosperity, Russell Brand, Steven Crowder, Officer Tatum, the Ruben Report, Tim Pool, Tracy Baenz to name a few.

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    Thank you for turning us on to Jelayna. A smart, sensitive, wise, beautiful soul.

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    Are you kidding me? You both don't realize that the AJ trial was a staged show event?? The camera angles alone shows this was theater. AJ is MOSSAD..they have to tell us what they are doing. It's called Revelation of Method. They use AJ to relay that information.
    Wake up.

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    Why is this stream about how Jelayna feels about Alex Jones?

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    Jelayna is 1000% correct about Alex. He needed to fall on his sword in service to the truth he espouses.

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    Saw ALL your videos way back with Wolfgang etc. I don’t agree with your guest. The deck was stacked Jones wanted to come out with the least amount possible in damages. Sad episode in our history for TRUTH

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    Jones fucked up this time.

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    One of PK's latest videos is interesting. It's AJ and lawyer smiling it up after the trial. Then one of the "victims" handed him water and they shook hands. It was just odd.

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    U were correct nate when you said you have tried hard to represent an independent pov.

    You're kinda an unsung hero.

    Regardless, things have become blatant.

    Thank you for your earnest effort and sincere desire.

    I wonder if we'll ever know what is really going on.

    Peace and love ❤️

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    AJ is an example of too big to fail. I don’t believe that he believes what he is saying in court. It sounds like he is saying what the lawyers told him he had to say to protect his companies. I still watch him every day.

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    the fact that they are crucifying him for words ONLY and NOT any kind of physical crime/perpetration/offense speaks VOLUMES in terms of how truly hideous and corrupt it is out there..

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