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    Honestly Nathan. We are living in crazy times. I get it. Hard to have a broadcast when Everyth is ban worthy. I think it’s gonna turn around. Go on rumble. Watch Patel latest video. But do not quit. I think you’re very talented.

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    Nate! The shirts are to small! I gotta lose weight! Get me Alex's birthday if possible, gotta put him in the data banks for sure.

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    Patricia steer. February 4th, I believe. They are the weekbof youth and ease, but if they are so happy? Why is everyone around them so troubled. Steer clear of her.

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    Inches not feet! Don't forget to convert the inches to feet.

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    I feel like im watching an episode of the big bang theory

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    Awesome, love Alex Stein! Glad to see your channel back!! Great day, what it is

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    Alex is a saint. I woulda shot that hospital up

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    just followed you on odysee. thank you for your work Nathan. been watching you for years!

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    Alex, this dude just exudes exterior motive. Careful .

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    imma watch Arlington Road (1999) since he mentioned it.

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    sync this account on odd to see period comma and not just the main channel.

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    Nathan you were one of the first "truthers"….I guess you could say….that opened my eyes to manymamymany lies, false flags and damned lies. I'm so grateful to have found you and it was on YOUTUBE back in the day. My ol lady and I watched every single video.

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    For you to understand why we detox at the same time…. look up sympathetic tuning forks. Then look at cymatics. Our bodies vibrational frequency being off is like a different cymatic shape.
    Then you'll fully understand why and how we detox together

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    Nathan one of my favorite shows is Debra gets Red Pilled Podcast. You will want to follow them. They are your Pacific Northwest compatriots. This week they had an incredible interview with Bart Sibrel. He wrote the book A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon Landing. You will enjoy this podcast immensely and maybe you can get him on your show for a deep dive of the moon landing conspiracy. I love seeing you on Youtube!

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    That's funny that he didn't think that statement about Jess was something you aren't alowto say

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    I got unsubbed for awhile just so you know. And I LOVE PrimeTime #99! Own the grind, all the time. He is legendary.

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