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    The problem with Guji boards, is no matter whose moving the cursor. Your fate isn't in your hands. I believe it's a practice that is controlled by Satin himself.

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    I find Guji boards rather nefarious, who owns the platform. I do see a similarity between the internet & these stupid boards.

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    My comment disappeared! I told you how to live forever! Weird!!

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    Nathan, this is weird. Let me know if you can see my comment about the vitamins and human trafficking of those with severe autism.

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    Epstein’s hiding out in israel

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    Absolute waste of time covering that Miami stuff. I regret watching it.

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    Did someone say double time pay anyone ?

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    It's so frustrating trying to listen to "these" people talk

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    That's like Terminator 2 Taking Down Cyberdyne Amount of Cops

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    The NFL conspiracy is that they rig games for entertainments sake. Like WWE but still hiding the fact that the refs are making stupid calls because the league wants them to do it. It's not about gambling. Look up "The Fix Is In" by Brian Tuohy. It's every pro sport too. Notice how officiating has gotten worse over the last 5 years in EVERY pro sport? It's because they are manipulating results and your emotions.

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    Miami: everything normal

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    Now theyt are making up stories to cover up black teens fighting.

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    No cap yo NO CAP!" When did everyone start saying that?

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    It an interdimensional being that you can't film with a smartphone camera.

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    Tons of AI voice/image generated sci fi stuff entered Youtube in 2023 bigtime. Forget the alien fear that kid that beat Tetris!

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    Dude, this is awesome. It’s starting to remind me of the old show from years ago. Keep up the good work.

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    So it wasn't aliens it was the beeps. Go figure

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