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  1. Ow , this is so deep & so scary. He seems truthful. I really am sick now. Little children are so innocent. He was in a long relationship with Mila Kunis b4 she married . So many evil.
    They would be sacrificed bc of this. Information. A death sentence .

  2. Culkin was probably passed around the Hollywood moguls like a rag doll. The institutionalised raping of starlets is obviously no secret anymore. These rapists are part of a cult, and at it's core, a very bizarre religion which accepts the degradation of minors. The trauma that comes along with that must be world shaking. I'm betting Culkin will do the right thing eventually, right before he gives himself a moonroof.

  3. Gtfooh that tweaker needs to find a better hobby. It's amazing what people will do for attention.

  4. Hollywood is full of sick evil scum

  5. Thank you for your truth and courage. God Bless you.

  6. I was wondering what happened to him.

  7. Your a coward. Everytime I come back and give you another shot your cowardliness drips out of your pours. What do you stand for?? How long is sitting on the fence viable to the success of this channel? Choose what you stand for or your just as useless to the people as CNN.

  8. If they wont Lock the Clintons up and all the other Elites that do real child Sacrifices then you, Vegan no job begger Mikey and Issac the D-list actor are not going to get any of these Hollywood idiots locked up because ya'll have NO real proof. Mikey was there in the tunnels so he says and yet he reported nothing to the police or called the FBI so he is just as guilty by even being involved with these people. A broke Youtuber is not going to get anything done. Real people like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington who had the clout to make a change ended up Suicided. Mickey hasnt took any donated money and went to hire a detective or bring proof forward. Its all about the Paypal. When I see you or mikey or Issac make police reports to bring forth evidence then please post those reports. I think ya'll are just scamming regular people who get up and have to go to REAL JOBS out of their money needed for their families. No Noone wants to follow michael Whalen. They arent taking you no ones serious. They know you dont have facts or evidence except just gossip. Im really surprised Voodoo Donuts hasnt taken a law suit out against you three musketeers for deframation or had their Lawyers contact you him and Kappy yet. Just another youtube, periscope scam for money.

  9. Pretty specific… Sounds darn believable… If true that couldn't have been easy. Not only the risk of being called a liar and being verbally torn apart publicly, but we also know that if you speak out about what you know that there is a very real danger of being silenced. So sad he endured this but hope he is being honest… If so… He deserves total support!

  10. Oh come on… when are y’all gonna wake up that culkin is an abuser and part of it. It’s not in his interest to whistleblow. This shit happens and they won’t stop. I’ve got better things to do with my day that dream of the shoulda woulda coulda maybes that this shit will stop. It won’t. Just look after your kids.

  11. I love Magic in the Hole!! Do you??

  12. It Vegan Mikey a Transvestite? He looks like a body of a female.

  13. It's really sad that some of men were hurt & turned into sissy's behind closed doors and out with women just to make it look like they like girls. They will forever be confused & fucked up mentally!

  14. Culkin knows exactly what's going on and rose Hannah does a great job deciphering on this video

  15. This is so disgusting more disgusting evil grown people doing this

  16. Once this stuff can't be ignored anymore, I bet they takedown/(censor) every Ewetuber "putting forth false accusation."
    If you spout the truth and gain too much influence, you will be shut down!

  17. C'mon culkin… u don't wanna continue that sh*t… u were a victim so what u have done might b forgiven. Can't u just stand up for those perfect little souls that need you? Look at those eyes and remember ur eyes when u were pure. Stand up and help those little Culkins both boys and girls. They need truth and power and u are just one of many that could help. SEND UR SOS for forgiveness bcuz u know this us evil quit hiding and b a MAN. u may have fire waiting for you but doesn't mean that u cannot do the right thing. Quit being a pansy and DO THE RIGHT THING!

  18. Hope he responds…. starting to look at videos on the Portland Catacombs now…

  19. I didn't notice Jack's pizza shirt.

    But my brain did.

    What a scamp.

  20. Pointless, he won't do shit…he's in way too deep!

  21. Can anybody explain why Purgartory Pizza would advertise "White Iversion Pizza"? Thats not a pizza I ever heard of.

  22. How long was mcCully with Mila Kuntis?? long enough for her to know something? Didn't her husband go before a judge about knowing what's happening to children? Hmmmmm

  23. These people have what they have because they were one of those children most of Hollywood is made of stars starting as children.

  24. I was just praying for McCully Culkin today. I know, as we all know, that he was just a child when he was driven over by these people. We know that he has committed crimes, because he was in these terrible positions. McCully, get out of it – God will forgive you and protect you if you cross over to his side. God knows all you've done and he also knows how you were taken advantage of and enslaved from childhood. Your soul is hanging in the balance. Nothing is worth your soul.

  25. The churches are all demon possessed and do pedofilia and child sacrifices. We know these people are satanists!!!!!!!! Christian Hillsong founder Brian Houston’s father was a pedofile. It was on 60 Minutes in Australia. We are coming for you satanists!!!!! This is not hear say IT IS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. pedos need the electric chair

  27. McCauley is not going to help anyone , He is a Satanist and a pedofile too .

  28. I love mikey happy love energy sending to him xxx

  29. They all need to go away forever


  31. Making me have second thoughts about Michael Jackson

  32. Such an awful cringe band

  33. Doesn't that tear tattoo denote a murder?

  34. Makualy has been a victim since he was a child. He doesn't know anything else. You cant demand someone who is probably way beyond severe P.T.S.D. to do what this guy is demanding! It is Very tasteless in my opinion, especially considering he did not witness him doing the cruel acts. He was put in that bubble as a child, he has probably never been to a decent party or met very many decent people. He makes weird pizza and bunny videos so he can EAT and support himself I am sure. He can't jst go find a normal job or life at this age. He has probably had his life threatened ALL his life and it is so sad what I can only imagine he has been through and witnessed.. I'm sending a prayer for Makualy and ALL the victims and pray that they can learn to support and understand each other rather than judge and shame..

  35. oh my f’n Gawd! What did I just see at the beginning?!?! Sick sick sick bastards

  36. Remember when Bill Smith covered McCaulkin (nickname lol)… now he's gone #whereisbillsmith

  37. Monarch slave much?!
    He was close to poor ol' MJ too…

  38. Be safe Vegan Mikey; people please, help Michael stay safe, please good people keep him under "suicided" watch I don't want him found like St. Chris Cornell RIP

  39. Mike Whalen has never helped anyone but himself. He is using this to make money. Period. Wake up people.

  40. We are behind you Mikey!! Call upon the name of Jesus Christ. He is our only salvation and hope. He will give you peace and eternal life.

  41. All these idiots on YT making all these claims screaming they a SRA survivor or a MK ultra test subject are desperate for money and fame. Anyone with a slight bit of intelligence can see the BS and their actual agenda.

  42. Lol 10:06 looking up black crime statistics eh

  43. McCully was a victim…is he now a predator? Is he trying to to voice the truth that his friend MJ tried to, b4 he was killed?

  44. WTF….Dude has a teardrop tatt.

  45. Vegan Mikey’s page has been removed from Patreon.





  47. Guys, take a look at Jack from the YouTube channel redlettermedia.

  48. What scares me most is the lack of talent in that band … it sounds horrible

  49. i stopped watching lift the veil's shows when it came to light that his guests were conning people out of money. this is a police matter dude, and don't bullshit me like everyone associated with law enforcement is a part of this huge criminal pedophile conspiracy because that is demonstrably false and borderline retarded.

  50. I've seen your vids pop up here and there, so I subbed! Who really wants to go to these nasty places!? This dude is gross! Great vid!

  51. Pizza=Children. They arent obsessed pizza for the dough, sauce and cheese.

  52. He always looks and talks as if he's uncomfortable… in interviews MacKauley always sounds weird and uncomfortable, his eyes look like he's in a constant state of discomfort… almost like he has stage freight or something. He also still seems very young, as if he stopped growing emotionally a long time ago. Good video, thanks for putting these videos out.

  53. omg their band really sucks too.

  54. Knowing what we are recently learning anyone w. Half a sense of discernment can reflect MJ was targeted. They projevted their evil actions on him. They broke the spirit of a wonderfully loving a generous man who simply strove to live childlike. I know. I had the same kind of abusive Jehovah's Witness tyrant for a father. Joe Jackson sold his son to the music industry and rode his boys' coattails for decades

  55. Can someone please tell me who Mikey is?

  56. Weren’t the tunnels used to Shanghai people back in the day?

  57. I was just watching a rerun on Married With Children Season 7, scene 10 Death of a Shoeman.
    At the mortuary, the mortician shows Bud a kid’s casket shaped like the Ninja Turtle with a pizza on top. The mortician says “ I understand Michael Jackson bought one of these for Macaulay Culkin… but, shooo(silence) it’s a surprise “!
    This was aired around 1992

  58. M. Culkin should be ashamed of himself. Pigs all of them! Nasty.

  59. There was also mention of donuts and sex perverts by Jay in the HITB redlettermedia episode with him in it… I don't know how to feel about RLM anymore…

  60. Funny how u are so full of shit and can't admit that he smacked up his wife and has a warrant for his arrest… Are u going to admit that u got it wrong or are you in it ur self???

  61. Hey, I normally… Don't just go onto these channels and videos… But I'd like to ask the host of Lift the Veil here to look into a recent video done where Culkin was a guest for a show and YouTuber called The Angry Video Game Nerd.

  62. I hope you have a gun at home. Protect yourself

  63. Great stuff as always man, keep it up and stay safe! I’m in the process of opening peoples eyes that are in my life but thank god to the likes of you and others it’s slowwwwwly happening

  64. I find it strange MC just came out of no where. Last we see him, he looked like a crack headed jesus. Now he appears on Ellen of all places with a new look and an overly feminine attitude. Then Joe Rogan and in the last week he's done multiple "crossover" YouTube videos and now the Google ad. Why are the Hollywood elites pushing MC on the public all of a sudden?

  65. Culkin has always been weird.

  66. this cunt is full of shit…………………… these people are CANCER to the truth movement!

  67. never seen that before, that was a disturbing "Music Video".

  68. There are definitely tunnels in Portland. I live an hour away, but lived in Portland for 20 years. Theres a lot goung on. I5 corridor is huge in sex trafficking. I was on a FBI sting where they got kids off a plane. I was in the receiving room, giving snacks and support. A lot more than meets the eye.

  69. If Caulkin is calling out satanist child molesters/murderers, doesn't it follow that he has had enough and wants out?

  70. Macaulay Is a Freakin weirdo he ‘s a real screwed up freak just look at him anyone can clearly see he’s got issues nasty bastard needs to take a freakin shower once in a while!

  71. I find it so weird, because during the Oscars, Mack was tweeting out "Oh he's a rapist" and "There are at least 4 rapists in that room"  so one would THINK he was calling them out.  And now I find out he's just perpetuating the cycle?  What a sorry, sad state of affairs.  He's soul was exiled from his physical vessel (body) YEARS ago, and a demon has taken over, I'm guessing.  I pity him….

  72. Surround this man with the white light of love and keep him safe. Bless

  73. Maybe Ashton got out because he has a conceince, and he couldn't carry on with that life, it just took a long time to break away.

  74. All of this is being documented. Huber is on it.

  75. Interesting. Sad as hell, but I heard new geographic locations, and names, so……….time to dig.

  76. Satanic pedoood is real, all control by big corporations as governments, judicial system, big pharma, the military industry, banksters own all by the elite.

  77. Keep up your great work.

  78. Macaulay looks much better and healthier now after his adrenochrome treatment. He was looking quite sickly there for a time when he was refusing to participate in that fringe life, no work, no recognition, no sense of belonging… but, there is something that usually causes them to fall into line… he got old.

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