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    I'm following you on Steemit man.

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    Just made a steemit account. We are all gonna make it!

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    You called him out for running a disinformation scam and he must be even more mad than you Nathan! Keep your head up man.. ‘‘tis the season.

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    Vent all you need to. I like listening to it because it's HONEST.

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    I'll never listen to your channel again

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    Love you Nate, keep your head up STAY POSITIVE you're helping many

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    You are doing a great service! Thank you. ✔

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    I love you but I hate the cussing!

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    If you are watching secureteam, he's been talking about channels being shuttered as well. Y'all gotta band together, get a petition going l, get major players to sign and protest this blatant fascism

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    You can say anything you want , MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    For the next Solutions show, I highly recommend getting Dr. Gabor Mate, if you can. He rocks.

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    nate keep going you know you are doing more than ok e are at war

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    I was very naive and took a lot of folks at face value. What I found were a bunch of lying bullies who run in packs targeting people. Am for steemit unless that turns out to be one more CON . THIS is not fun anymore. I would never have a YouTube channel unless it was dogs, crafts, travel, or something that did not attract the cyber operators who get their jollies gaslighting people or shutting them down. Disgusted with most of the players .. their pack mentality is both sad and sick whereas they think it's funn

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    By the way ..Merry Christmas. As for cryptos buy IOTA or EOS then sell and buy gold and silver or land.

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    @LifttheVeilLIVE hey you may not even see this but I was looking for your interview with Kappy. Is there anywhere that I could find it or did it get deleted? I hope you're well I've always enjoyed your content

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