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  2. WTF?! Where are our troops?!

  3. Antifa needs to be ended with lead to head. Have a feeling Trump and Co are biding time for a reason.

  4. Wow, what a bunch of losers. They should be rounded up and thrown in jail.

  5. WE should NEVER request anyone to be deplatformed. What should happen is, he should be demonetized and charges filed against him for in-sighting violence.

  6. Yes they were mixing quickcrete concrete in with the milkshake !

  7. Start researching prosecutors the district attorneys in your counties people and get on them that’s what we need to do is start your local level. You can’t take on the world but you can take on your own county

  8. Fuck these creeps man. Excuse my language but there just isn’t any other word that is suitable

  9. I wonder what Antifa will do when people start to dress up like them and start to wreak havoc in their own ranks? I wonder if that's already happened, and whether it would ever make the news?

  10. Antifa = pussy, terrorist thugs.

  11. Anti FA
    black clothes, masks, gloves, boots, and demo tools, sticks, swarming to do vandalism
    so not hard to anticipate violence from AntiFacist mobs, thugs.
    if you don't have skills and tools for self def, and parity in numbers, you gonna get beat down by AntiFa thugs.

  12. Quillette is not a right wing outlet!

  13. Spitting in someone's face is assault too. The Mayor of Portland and the Nazi police who don't uphold law and order are to blame for things getting this far out of hand. Portland is a cesspool and needs to be flushed.

  14. I'm coming to d live brother. You've convinced me.

  15. I wish Antifa would attack me

  16. He should get a GoFundMe so he can sue the Portland police for dereliction of duty.

  17. This is such an awesome video.

  18. DoYou know who you can find in all these groups whether right or left hate groups and movements?? The feds, that's who. Control the opposition, keep playing the paradigms…

  19. I went to the phoenix "protest" of trump coming here to observe….. went to find antifa… bunch of children afraid to show their faces for "their cause" throwing water bottles at cops… though one did give me a face mask when the smoke bomb came back at them/us…AND there WAS an ad on craigslist day before offeringvto pay them approx $15.00 an hour to go…. i saw it

  20. Instead of the American people having a well organized militia this Tyrannical government has created one against Patriotic Americans! This won't end well….FOR THEM!

  21. Andy was basically brushing off the multiple milkshakes and silly string, moving on, visually impaired from the shit thrown at him, when the Cowards started the punching.

  22. Imagine if white supremacists had done that!…Mainstream media would've never stopped talking about it. You know, just this morning my Mexican boyfriend said he'd rather live next door to neo Nazi's than AntiFa and being half Jewish i snapped at him….but now. .I retract the snapping. For real. F-ing rediculous

  23. I wonder if the antifa ever show up in open or concealed carry cities. I don't even know if there are any cities like that left..

  24. Look at the way they fight, what's the betting if someone competent started swinging back, these fuckers would fly like bowling pins!

  25. Antifa has been violent for decades in Europe. Look what they did to Pym Fortuyn. Threw a cake at him laced with vomit and faeces.

  26. They are cowards and i hope they spend some time in jail for their evil acts. Doshi is very upset about the entire goings on i can tell. Don't worry Doshi justice will prevail.

  27. Remember, by any means necessary. They are liars… do not believe anything Antifa says. By any means necessary… remember!!!

  28. "not causing that much havoc" Every week there are twitter videos of Anti taking over downtown Portland, OR in violence with weapons. Not joke.

  29. Your lucky that didn't beat you with a pipe like they are doing now

  30. That vid was horrible. So awlful to see how they injured this man. Maybe filled with bodily fluids. These people are so hateful.

    Nathan, you were lucky
    They have gotten worse since 2017. 2019 no telling what would have happened to you.

  31. wow shelter actually reporting facts wow

  32. isn't the guy queer? So then antifa attack one of their own

  33. One day real soon someone is going to shot and kill a lot of them!

  34. Antifa is the single most piss me off topic there is. I genuinely hate them.

  35. I say we give them what they THINK they want. Or perhaps they have more balls than us. Maybe we've lost our love of freedom. Sure fucking appears that way to me. I'm tired of hearing these pussy goddamn YouTubers and Hannity types preaching to me that violence isn't the answer. Saying that's not who we are. That's who I am. Ask anyone that's ever got in my damn face. Those 3 guys that stomped my ass at the bar. Those 3 guys that stopped me and my girlfriend in traffic. Those 3 black dudes that cornered me in a bathroom. Ask them who I am. Who are you? Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I don't know about y'all but I'm pissed.

  36. The first time I heard of this hate group was back in 2010 I believe ! They were protesting in Toronto Canada & they were a scary bunch for sure!

  37. I find it hilariously ironic that antifa was throwing Soy shakes lol!!

  38. Antifa hooligans resort to violence because they can't win arguments with their words. Their failed ideology can only be supported by thuggery.

    It's less challenging to their one-sided worldview to throw bottles and fists than it is to have a civil exchange of ideas where they have to use logic and reason instead of blind rage.

    Their name itself is Orwellian. Anyone who is pro-freedom should be anti-fascist. I'm not down with the merger of corporate and state, but I would never choose to identify with Antifa.

    They act as controlled opposition to radicalize the disenfranchised and to demonize sensible left-leaning people by association.

    Divide and conquer. Left vs right. All the world's a stage and the play is being written by billionaires, PR firms, and think tanks.

  39. Portland, Oregon police chief Danielle Outlaw needs to be arrested.

  40. These people are lost souls, who need to find jobs, or do somthing productive. Antifa are violent pacifists. Makes 0 sence.

  41. I'm waiting to hear about the concrete

  42. Thank you Nathan ! I live across the river from Portland. Antifa needs to be taken out in one way or another, most of them are scum, in my view !

  43. Nathen, I remember that video when they attacked you what a bunch of losers…

  44. Rose city Antifa…..Caucasian racist, homophobes.

  45. Reminds me of the Nazi brown shirts..

  46. Trump needs to take care of this mayhem.



  48. Anger Mongers is what they are

  49. Portland is a mess! Hatefukery needs Trump like NOWWW

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