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  1. almost 3pm east coast and nothing…..looks like Antifa is over

  2. And ANTIFAs revolution was heard like an 8year olds whimpering fart in the wind..LOL.. some uprising of retardation.. havent these fuckin idiots realized what mueller is doing IS REMOVING DRUMPF and his TREASONOUS FAMILY.. OH MY GOD EGGS!?!?! HOLY SHIT ITS GETTING REAL WITH EGGS!! LOL fuckin Ass clowns

  3. What a bunch of Losers these Antifiails are.

  4. "Bagels Not Bottles"- Nathan, (before literally putting out The Fire (@ Berkley 4/2017 Protest)

  5. Start the war you pussies… Lets see who wins

  6. thanks antifa for making me a political conservative……good job.

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