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    great pics Nathan! totally empathize with all the items taken from your dad's. I have a living room right now filled with boxes of middle school love letters of mine, albums (worth not much, I've checked), massive amts of pictures, yearbooks, etc. all collected after my mother died (dad is gone too) and Im an only child .. hate keeping it, hate the thought of throwing it away. Crazy when you are at an impasse with 'stuff' that represents multiple ppl's lifetimes and the reality is that after you, it really doesn't matter to anyone. Hell, it's yours and it barely matters. Good luck with your effort as I hope for good luck with mine.

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    Sending you love N8 Dawg ❤ dont feed the trolls!

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    There was a power loss today at my local Target. Tons of frozen food was off limits/will need to be thrown out. Pretty sure it is a taste of things to come.

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    The picture of a young Nathan looks like George Michael kinda lol

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    that's a picture of you when you were doing tea dancing for the super car dealership and playing in boygirl movies.

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    Redbar is watching Nathan..

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    When will people realize its programming theatrics. The people doing the blaming are the ones responsible for the "attacks". It was a minor inconvenience to see public reaction. This is reality folks.

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    That was a pretty nifty computer simulation of a moon landing

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