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    Great topic and show. Thank you, Nate

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    Damnit Nathan. Youre a great dude. As hard as it is you have to keep in mind that your stress and energy is coming off negative because youre in this turmoil. Its a bitch to turn it around in the face of the difficult situations we find ourselves in and to juat be positive while not even engaging in the judgements of others and even our self judgement. take a step away from it while knowing its going to be there but not letting it consume the mind. Sometimes you have to make a change and do something else for a bit and cone back in a new light. keep the possibilities open. Youre atuck in this loop of not making it in this atreaming thing and thats okay i completely understand your stress about jt because ive been watching for years and its ridiculous how youve been done by the platforms. Dint let it consume you man. I can relate in an alternate reality in some way. I feel it. Ill shoot some dough on cash app when i get off work and remember my password. Lol dont forget we all have that power to flip the switch so to speak. When i broke depression it was like an unbelievable series of realizations. It was all on me come to find out.

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    Smoke dope and talk nonsense

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    Take responsibility for the thoughts you choose to entertain. If you start viewing yourself as a victim your headed the wrong way.

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    Sorry but I like the show's you normally make better. I don't want to listen to you only talking with another guy. will you ever do a "normal" show/livestream ever again? I wish you all the best. personally I'm not in that Esotheric stuff like Ascension into the 5th dimension. but maybe I have to smoke weed for that .. they are legalizing for a reason..to just stay in yourself and don't get active in the "real" world. to smoke it once in a while is okay but to smoke it non stop isn't good .. just my own experience. could be different for other people.

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    Classic addict behavior. Unbelievable.

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    Dude just read a couple of your comments. your subscribers r as beautiful as you. .ahaa❤

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    You’ve turned real negative dude. Quit blaming other people for your own shit.

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    I like hanging around with you Nathan. The best thing you can offer utube is your personality, you are intelligent. Then there is your trajectory, which I am very curious about, from the flat earth to getting involved with the pro-trump crowd, like how you got involved with people like defango, Jason Goodman etc.., your take on mental health, your experience with promoting bitcoin, your whole experience and choices in managing a YouTube channel, the call ins. It's chilled, edgy and you're on top of it I think the chill factor will catch up, could become popular enough for more monetisation.

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    There are already so many channels covering this Esoterik stuff..Ascension talk..yeah ,stay within yourself and don't do thing's in the real world to really change something ..that's what the goverment loves . sadly there are no organic grass roots movement's anymore , most people who hop from video to video and social media post to social media post only stay online.."the algorythm takes care of you" .. and the big channel's have become Fear creators who never present a solution..with a solution the superchats wouldn't come in.

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    I stopped returning your phone calls at the end of July 2017 bc you were acting differently after you returned from Mt Shasta interview trip. I suspected you had met with someone I advised you to avoid & felt I needed to pull out for my safety. I had no clue I was a CIA Minister Spy ExWife Widow back then either.

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    I don't care about money. You slipped into something else, Dude.

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    Most of that KYBALION- Hermetic Trismegustus, esoteric stuff is A bunch of (Nod out) Bullsht.

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