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    i really like rfk but i think you need to vote trump just to get the democrats out and hopefully they lose by a lot so they have to re adjust how wacky they have got

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    It's called sex trafficking!!

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    They were unconscious these woman!! Drugged!

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    Under age sex trafficking

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    Are you gonna work 2 weeks and quit again?

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    So which rich old white guy are you voting for ?

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    To date, Cosby has over 60 accusers. I find it very hard to believe that they're all lying. He did a skit way back on one of his comedy albums joking about slipping Spanish fly into the drinks of unsuspecting women. That's all I really needed to hear to know the guy is a predator.

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    Bill Cosby attempted to buy NBC and was very close. That would have made him the first black man to hang with the real power brokers. That was in 2014. Same year as the first round of allegations.

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