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    Are you purposely sabotaging your show Nate?

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    We went from seeking truth with you to seeking schizophrenia.

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    Really miss the old Nate, wonder where he went.

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    Jim from Baltimore officially the most sane now

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    Wow people cant accept the real you

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    "Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false"

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    I understand about getting high to enjoy one's creativity but to get down, as in James Brown, it's best to be sobered. Otherwise there's the risk of ending up like Ron Hubbard.

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    Jesus is a metaphor God resides in us all we r the creator the drawee and the beneficiary of everything.

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    Just wondering if he is making a case for disability? I had a boyfriend who tried the same. Got rid of him quick.

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    Thanks for having me on the stream, Nathan. Best of times.

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    Did his wife leave him and that’s why he’s off his meds?

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