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    Maybe should have taken their advice Lol

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    Shit ain't no joke.. Took 4 50 mg at once and I do not recommend that.

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    I don't like gummies – much prefer smoking a joint – delta 8 is from hemp isn't it?

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    Never had this happen with real thc .

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    The fake green is the worst…… My wife spazzed out. Never again.

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    This episode was just waiting for a vehicle. Coulda been delta8, mushrooms, dmt, yoga or any number of things.

    These entities were gonna knock on her door regardless..

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    A couple? How many milligrams?

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    I've taken tons of this stuff. Pretty much like normal pot for me, ya just have to take more to launch off

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    I had horrible Salvia trip

    I heard robotic voices.
    I got mind scanned.
    Some sort of invisible probe attacked me

    I fought it off and chased it away

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    You're opening the door to evil when you take drugs like this… DON'T DO IT!

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    I feel that. .ignore the zombies in the comments.

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    It's the people who have zero edible tolerance who insist on taking way too much who have these issues. Edibles of any kind you have to go low and slow with for awhile.

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    I can relate, Delta 8 is No Bueno!

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    lol they put something else in your delta 8

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    They put crazy shit in that and say it’s weed they used to sell bottles of CBD in Missouri and my friends started having seizures and shit and all the stomach lining they had started getting eaten away at some of my friends died and they were selling that shit in gas stations like it was a normal thing DO NOT BUY GAS STATION CANNABIS PRODUCTS they are not what they say they are

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    Interesting..I've had a bad experience with delta 8 too. No tripping, just felt really hot, similar but not the same as a fever. Threw the rest away.

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    I’ve eaten thousands of milligrams of Delta-9 THC (real Thc) at once and never hallucinated. Delta 8 is weaker than Delta 9. Something’s fishy.

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    you gotta be a lightweight if u tripping like that of 1 edible lmao

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    I'm sorry this person had a bad experience but I've never experienced anything close to a real psychedelic trip from THC, let alone delta-8 or delta-9 which I take regularly. These substances effect everyone differently so if you want to take them start very small 1-5 mg.

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    i think her coworker gave her something else lmao

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    I’d imagine they have schizophrenia or some other underlying mental illness if delta 8 does that to you. Yikes

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    ya that's not d8 mabey pcp8 or salvia8 or shrum8 oh oh or lsd8

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    It probably wasn’t delta 8

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    Baby, your coworkers don't like you. That was LSD-8.

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    I'm interested in hearing her whole dream !!

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    Honestly, never had a truly bad experience with any of these newer cannabinoids or traditional delta 9. Maybe those gummies had amanita in them or something. Something doesn’t sound right.

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    Delta 8 is marajuana's ugly sister. Don't date her!

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    Delta 8 when eaten turns into 11 hydroxy THC whick is 2-5x what dmokinvwill do

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    For the record this was me calling into Nate's show, yes D8 has psychedelic effects on some people. Of course I thought it could have been laced as well. No my co-worker was a nice person, I don't think he meant me harm, yes I did confront him. He was more accustomed to those gummies than me. The CBD shop was closed a few months later and I consider the company to be very sketch and my boss a sociopathic liar.

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