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    Not to make light of the situation, but this does remind me of the pizza-gate era. Kinda Nostalgic in a strange way. I'm just surprised so many are just now coming to understand this invisible threat. Also, a lot of people know nothing about Voodoo Donut either.

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    They trying to convince us that’s rain on our necks.

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    Children wearing mask for school 3 years is pedo or worse !

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    Yes this was out in 2012 but no one paid attention!

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    You never followed up on that utah mormon thing where the police uncovered some famous person doing pedo stuff.

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    Kim's lawyer wrote that. / TV drama? Haha, more gas lighting. I guess the average person these days will believe whatever is being told to them. More dumbed down than ever after the pandemic.

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    say what you want about him but tate nailed it. satanists think they have your consent.

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    BALENCIAGA IS SORRY THEY ACCIDENTALLY INCLUDED ACCIDENTAL BDSM BEARS IN THEIR ACCIDENTALLY SUGGESTIVE AD WHILE ALSO ACCIDENTALLY WORKING WITH A PHOTOGRAPHER WHO ACCIDENTALLY INCLUDED PRO CP DOCUMENTS ACCIDENTALLY IN HIS PHOTO SHOOT.. accidents happen guys.. right now balenciaga is just wondering how much money it’s going to take to make all of this go away. Nice one. Fashion is so great! #fashiongate

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    They got caught! PR effort is pretty good though.

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    This sadly will put the “predators” in line to have more access to children

    My first thought is the company UNICEF that I found Orlando Bloom always promotes (married to Katy Perry) it’s a company that swoops in after disasters to care for children

    Lots of celebrities with cult ties, I have found promote this company which is concerning. So,I’m interested in seeing which companies they select to help them manicure their image

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    They keep reffering to Balenciaga as if it is an actual person. Oh sorry- it's Balenciaga's fault. Balenciaga…this faceless nameless entity….. um NO. There are individual human beings that work for/own the company. Who are they- what are their Individual names. I hate how corporations do this. They get away with murder because it's just an endless pointing of fingers and shifting blame around. We need heads on steaks- how 's that for bdsm

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    No mention of the photo featuring a diploma with the name of a convicted child abuser on it and another photo with a book in the background by Michael Borremans (artist depicting children in violent scenes). Also their latest runway show had male models carrying dolls and baby bags with bloodied items inside them. This company is pure evil.

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    Nah, these perverts are trying to normalize child abuse, the people in charge of this company need to be investigated.

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    Moschino as well…… Teddy bears are MASSIVE with that house,teddy bears in Leather,BDSM fetish,straps,studs…Tshirts of cutesy Plushy crap JUXTAPOSED with GaY SCENE culture and imagery
    We see you freaks

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    Here is part of the court case:

    Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, case in which, on April 16, 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision that provisions of the Child Pornography Prevention Act (CPPA) of 1996 were vague and overly broad and thus violated the free-speech protection contained in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The act specifically proscribed computer-generated or -altered depictions of minors engaging in explicit sexual conduct (so-called “virtual” child pornography) and images of explicit sexual conduct by adults who resemble minors. The court ruled that the law’s expanded definition of child pornography as including any image that “appears to be” of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct or that is “presented…in such a manner that conveys the impression” that it is of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct would criminalize images that are not obscene and images that were not produced with any real children.

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    You dont hear news channels covering it. Why ain't it everywhere like they put everything else everywhere. They obviously want this to be normal one day thats why they arent covering it

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    KK is actually nothing more than a controlled fashion industry "gimp". I hope that everyone remembers to have a proper look at the truly creepiest woman in the fashion industry Anna Wintour who literally controls EVERYTHING in this industry. Dont let her walk away folks!!

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    Accountability not to get caught…

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    I am shocked they totally ratted themselves out but grateful the world knows their darkness now. Now I will not be buying their bag.

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    The fish usually stinks from the head down the “props” on that desk in that photo shoot was probably one of the top executives whoever’s desk that is that is the pervert in charge

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    Anyone that believes Balenciaga is not behind this and the whole suing is just pantomime etc. is a complete muppet. The were just testing the waters by doing this whole photoshoot.
    Also Kim is a scumbag lying, and she probably did not even write those tweets. She should have spoke out IMMEDIATELY.
    Funny who she betrays YE but yet the Stand by pedos as long as they "apologise" after they are caught.
    And her brain dead followers MOSTLY WOMEN will continue to worship her.

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    They knew they intended this Kim is a coward who will work with anyone who will pay it's disgusting and sad Everyone especially the creative Director Denma needs to be fired and everyone on his team that was affiliated with this campaign needs to be gone

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    The children used in the adverts were the children of employees

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    This was no mistake. This was obviously intentional.

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    Consistant quality on your channel, thank you for the hard work.

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    Paris fashion week with her daughter she had a cock ring choker around her neck and I thought that was the most inappropriate thing and nobody noticed or said anything about that with her daughter she wore that that was her choice of look

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    There is NO PART OF ANY OF THESE ADS that was not placed in these ads DELIBERATELY BY BALENCIAGA! Kim’s comments are laughable.

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    Thank you for creating this video. Im confused as to why a Spanish brand that's in partnership with a German brand is doin with supreme court document from a american case, whether the documents was fake or not. I think we're gonna go down a deep rabbit hole that's opening up to us

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    They are liars. They are showing you their beliefs in real time. They are showing you that they support pedophiles and probably are themselves. This is not a mistake. They know you will still buy their products and show support. In other words, there will be no consequences for them. Look at epstein and ghislaine maxwell. No accountability for pedophiles because we are ruled by pedophiles.

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    We all know they are fukkking children. It's so obvious at this point. EPSTEIN ISLAND. What more do you need? They coming for your children. Explain 500,000 kids missing each year. Go ahead. I'll wait.

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    They had like bloody babies in their fashion shows… idk why anyone would think that's cool.

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    François-Henri Pinault is the owner of Kering Group, who owns BALENCIAGA. He is married to SALMA HAYEK, and are parents of Valentina…. so where is Salma's statement? And Emma Watson is the DIRECTOR of KERING GROUP until Dec 31 2023 where is her statement also? A lot of silence from the KERING GROUP females….

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    Not to try & correct you, but instead of referring to it as “CP”, can we please refer to it as what it is? CSAM. Child sexual abuse material? Thanks for all you do!

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    This guy is painfully slow and boring never againn

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    From what I’ve heard, it was a Supreme Court ruling in favor of cp. It ruled that the ban on cp was too broad and allowed for computer generate images of cp as long as no children were used to generate the images. That is now protected under free speech.

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    They all agreed on this advertising, they had to approve it! Now trying to pass the blame, Kim Kardashian is Sicko period! She still rocks with them. She's only skaken cause her fans went in on her! She saw it! Cancel the Kardashians time!

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    they have the guy Kanye's photo up on their pedo pushing site, who is running for president of your country and his ex wife whose IG is full of soft porn, has nearly all nine year old boys following her so think about that for a minute. And she calls Balengcia out on here socials. This is insanity that we are watching unfortunately.

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    They hire the people to run their advertisements based on their core values. They are proud of their values and didn't expect the reactions from the regular people who are sick of perverts that are into your face and proud of it. Imagine that, no one is screaming to cancel the brand, close their accounts like they did to Kanye. Sick people.

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    !Why is Adidas’s Quiet?’ Didn’t they partner with this company

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    With all the world is tolerating right now of course some giant company is going to fish the public to see if they “are ready” to tolerate this sin. Stand up fools!! You knew this was coming.
    If you tolerate anything you stand for nothing!!
    If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

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    Of course this company knew the direction they were going. Nichole Kidman is one of Balenciaga's featured models and don't forget who her father was. This company surrounds themselves with people like that, on purpose. Now they want to play naive, nope.

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    why is nobody talking about the pictures shared by the models ?
    natalia valkova and d gio . that shit is sick

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    Nike, H&M , Zara , adidas and you name it all complicit in slavery of millions of innocent Uighurs who works for free to produce all these brands in Chinese labour camps and their children go to a d renachrom

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    Cancel all these Satanic Pedos,Burn Balenciaga

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    Fuck kim, she's a willing participant in this. Her mother sold her to Ray Jay, look it up.

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    Wth is up with the suffocating black face masks? All lookin like Tron

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    #BalenciagaGate has been trending for over a week now and the story just keeps getting creepier and creepier. The CEO of Balenciaga's Parent Company, Kering, owns an auction website where disturbing child sex mannequins are sold at an exorbitant price.

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    Why then do you wear clothing that looks like an executioner, or bust the seams on MM dress? Great parental caring Kim. Kids need wholesome role models.

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