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  1. Twitch are a bunch of SJW bitches!!! You're going to have to do it on Discord… This is 1984 George Orwell's worst nightmare…

  2. Don’t be too sure who did it. If you don’t know why accuse?

  3. The health ranger, Mike Adams is starting a new platform for all free speech. Launch date planned to be on July 4th.

  4. Twitch is all over the tape on my am a zon boxes…just saying…who owns twitch?

  5. Is doshi playing tricks on you.

  6. Stay Calm and Carry On. Much Love Nathan!

  7. Did you say you are getting married next weekend? Congratulations if this old lady heard correctly.

  8. what? screw them!! ps jason's a dickweed

  9. Your doing great work!! Thanks so much!XOxo

  10. The neighborhood cat is a Siamese, but just my luck he knows nothing of video production.

  11. My dog locked me out of my car the other day. It isn't unreasonable to suspect the cat. Things happen.

  12. Why do people strike each other and try to get others banned? Isn’t there sort of a code not to do that? Who has time to watch other people’s stuff when you are developing content and try to ban them?

  13. I don't know about anyone else but imam gonna report EVERY JG video. Whatta POS. Also,just wondering,if it's temp why did they remove LTV from my subscriber list ? I hope Nathan'right tho.

  14. I had mixed feelings about Dave Acton trying to get Jason investigated and indicted over port of Charleston closure and view it as a mixed bag — however Jason is out of control. I am going to leave comments on his *guests* websites and platforms not that it will do much good. IN MY OPINION someone high up in Google land YouTube is protecting both Jason and George. How else could they get away with the CRAP THEY HAVE??!!!

  15. Twitch bans people? Similar to Youtube?

  16. how do you get locked by twitch? i thought it wasn't possible?

  17. What up Nathan F#ck twitch keep exposing the corruption and were you serious about getting married if so congratulations brother behind every good man is an amazing woman

  18. Locked out of your house, banned on Twitch….my goodness. Not a good weekend start.

  19. So sorry to hear that Nathan, but ur right, its only for 24 hrs.. We love u buddy, Uni would like to talk with u sometime in discord.

  20. Just watched the Quinn video with Jason calling in. Someone HIGH UP ON YOUTUBE has got to be protecting Jason, George, Quinn. They get away with murder because they attack people when anyone responds they think that is not fair — anyway Jason — in my opinion, is bound and determined to ruin it for everyone else. Because of the three stooges Quinn, George and Jason — You tube will become even more draconian then already is. Especially if Dave Actons law suit against Jason and George succeeds or Coast Guard prosecutes them. I have held off starting a channel and one reason is people like Jason and George MAKE A MOCKERY of real investigative journalism. Quinn is just a stage prop and tool Jason uses — swear to GOD – Jason uses Quinn as in your face nonsensical fool which makes everyone else look bad particularly when Jason had on quasi respectable people like Ortel or Corsi or Lee Stranahan. Maybe I will just do a mystery channel and have fun. Because Jason and George have turned it into a nightmare and a joke. Very disappointing — I would not doubt they are part of govt Psy op to take out citizen journalists who do not have bonified credentials — you tube will be left to reruns of Rachel Madcow or Hannity and cat and puppy videos.

  21. I was just going to ask you how you felt about Quinn after randomly watching him today. He seems really whacked out and I've been kind of observing him for the last few months …. He's making up his stuff is what I always thought.

  22. I am sure someone has told you this But the Health ranger is going to have his own web site for everyone who loves free speech this june?, check out his site.

  23. Would it be Nasim related man? Arnold: Ill be back

  24. Definitely something to do with those scumbags

  25. Nathan is really fun and interesting. I hope he knows how many people he’s affecting in a positive way

  26. how? everytime i go there its video games lol Goodmans a bitch

  27. Damn… Well 24hrs isn't the end of the world. We'll see you again.

  28. We love you Nathan. We support you 100% and this will be over soon. You've withstood much more than this and you will overcome, as you always have. You are doing superb work here lately and this toxic monstrous grotesque demonic presence that squats over every alt-news channel trying to do nothing but abuse and destroy will have their tactics and intentions turned back on themselves with a vengeance. Everyone sees at this point exactly who and what they are, and while they are in a panic and will not admit it yet, they are finished, by their own hand.

  29. Get on D.TUBE you can do live streaming there. Fuck every other social media platform they are all controllable.

  30. Congratulations on the wedding. Hope it is beautiful for you and your wife.

  31. You're getting married? How? You can't even provide yourself with adequate housing. You have no financial ability to provide for anyone. You're basically living in your Dad's garage. And under psychiatric care. How can you even sign a legal document? You're dead weight. You must be pulling a scam.

  32. Do you realize that You got banned from a website, banned from your house and you are twitching?….Just saying…

  33. I knew this was gonna happen heard about twitch bans

  34. concerning your video on the "friday high day", which i could not see, because it had already been deleted:
    did you notice that marijuana dramatically changed within the last years?
    at least over here it did.
    it's actually not marijuana anymore.
    it does not contain thc (only cbd), it is not resinous, it does not smell right (except on the outside, and only for a short time), it actually smells like chemicals.
    it cannot be used for meditation anymore, it does not enhance empathy or creativity, it does not awaken the kundalini. it does not strenghten the ka, and heal, like it used to.
    it actually reduces consciousness, instead of enhancing it.
    so this is the "legalization of cannabis".
    fake as everything else…

  35. This happen when the ADL control the Media.

  36. dang nathan…yesterday the cops took my liscense plate…a small setback,,,,unfair and all but indeed I did not MEET THE DEADLINE to PAY MY FEEEEES im so guilty. Love your show and attitude…stay safe!

  37. some people are leaving utube etc for

  38. Banned from your house too I see.

  39. Ironic…JG whines like a Drama Queen about his channel being stricken…..then he strikes like the Drama B*tch he pretends he’s not.

  40. Need some more good content creators at No live streaming but no censorship unless someone is just making up stuff.

  41. Now Twitch Is banning people for nothing? WTF?! Who's running these platforms? Enough!?

  42. You're a Citizen On Parole

  43. No more video's ..Hope you did not get another strike, it is ridiciulous

  44. @Lift the Veil — No contact on contact page, so using this. Just saw you agreed to connect with Jason Goodman. Saw his link, didn't listen, but came straight here. That guy is DANGEROUS to other youtubers. He is a paid psyop to take down other Truthers. Head's up!

  45. I locked myself out of my car at the car wash. Had to walk 2 miles home and back with the spare key. Sucks.

  46. Thx Nathan JUST added to our #BestCENSORSHIPVideo Awards Playlist Congrats!

    Agreed why 6/25 we are doing our #BestCENSORSHIPVideo Awards on! See the playlist:

  47. As i was watching your show last night
    About the immigration executive order Trump just signed, it just got to the space force story and it clicked off and disappeared. It was hilarious when your producer fell and slinked out of the room.I would love to put the racheal maddow clip with the women crying on fb.
    Thanks for your work

  48. This guy has been gone for 2 months. Did someone steal him?

  49. Thank you: SGT, LTV, Jordan Sather, etc. By pushing the QAnon and pedo gate psyops it looks like you'll be ushering in another YouTube censorship purge. Mission accomplished.

  50. Twitch is supposed to be for gaming.

  51. Where are your recent videos? I can only get 4 months ago and older.

  52. Hey Lift the Veil,
    Are you accepting SpaceShots 76's challenge re: Q being with Trump?

  53. No, that is not right. You're no rule breaker, Everyone knows that. You will fall right in line…"they", and "we' know that about you. Good Job! I will send lots and lots of money, very soon.

  54. Isaac kappy  death pic where is the sweater he had on bridge  ????
    did you see this????????      @

  55. Get the cats to let u in lol

  56. What happened to the main channel what the hell

  57. You tube is run by Nazis

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