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    Imagine if Trump bought fried chicken for a black family. Wow. Remember his taco bowl on Cinco DeMayo? That was hilarious

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    Im gonna buy some chicken feet for Lookner

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    They meant to eat chicken! Keep ya talking as the world falls apart!

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    Notice a black Podium??? Hmmm.. right in front of us!

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    Did he serve watermelon as well?

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    Another joke dreamed up by the CIA?
    Nobody close to him has veto power?

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    Maybe they have to handcuff world leaders to get them to appear on stage with Biden.
    His secret message to his people – he is a bound prisoner of nobody knows whom or what.

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    I checked into Kennedy and everything they ragged him for, he was more than right and even enlightened and progressive in figuring out solutions to problems!

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    Great show Nathan. Thank you!

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    The kids playing basketball just adds to the insult lmao

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    What is the point of a puppet if you cannot control it you don’t get a puppet that can think for itself

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    Let’s face it in the current day Mardi Gras is one percent about tradition and history and 99% about tits, booze and music

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