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    Once a week? I had no idea… Assumed you were on extended hiatus. Welcome back.

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    Ah ya went up against Jimmy Doolittle, I was on Rumble…

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    What kind of country do we live in now? It's blatantly obvious that this guy doesn't run the country and the deep state does. This guy doesn't even know what day it is or where he is

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    Trump will get 30% of the Black vote.

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    Hummina Hummina Hummina I’m not sure if I’m gonna introduce you all the way…

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    what did kamela just say… im super confused.

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    I don't think there even will be an election to be honest.

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    Recieved my second order of shirts, thanks for fast shipping. Real soft shirts, good to see you stream weekly now. I think you will build back a bigger audience if you keep doing like you are.

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    Thanks for your contribution.

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    Her name is Sue Me? Talk about asking for it. I love her.

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    I waited tables before tips were taxed( Regan in the 1980's) I bought things I needed, I couldn't afford, like Athletics foot cream. Go figure. Not that great of a difference but appreciated.

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    You know Trump ain't that much younger than Biden. When are people young enough to man the chair during WWII going to run for office? We list a president to WWII, Roosevelt fell over dead.

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    How about watching reruns of "WKRP I n Cincinnati". I used to work in radio & that's funny.

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    Watch the Thanksgiving turkey drop, full episode, WKRP In Cincinnati.

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