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    Of all people you are way off on bitcoin. Bitcoin is like gold. You don't buy groceries with gold. Bitcoin cash is faster but that is beside the point. So are dozens of other coins that forked from bitcoin as well. Bitcoin gold is actually better then bitcoin cash but the stock price isn't reflecting this yet. Bitcoin is also the main crypto for all types of exchanges and trades. Finding places that will trade bitcoin cash and another crypto doesn't exist or is few and far between you still need to trade to bitcoin first just like the petro dollar bitcoin is the cryptodollar.

    Telling people to take there money out of bitcoin is exactly what the bankers want so quite with the hype.

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    1:59:59 is this dumb arse bitch for real?

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    All add and clips no analysis

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    I wasn't aware there are this dumb people — as this guy — existing in the world. What a shame.

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