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    I’m going to go buy more ammo right now!!!!!!!!! I live in Texas and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you but I have the receipts of how many children and women have been taken from our state just sent 2020! And to never be seen again! I have screenshot it every single, amber alert, and you cannot believe I have. Oh my gosh I haven’t even counted all of them. I had to put them in three parts on my Facebook page and then, of course, my Facebook page was not working the next day, for some odd reason, hint hint! But I know that a lot of people saw what I posted and it was three pages. I mean just picture after picture after picture after picture after picture after picture of Amber alert since 2020. Before 2020 I might have gotten an amber alert like once every 3 to 6 months, now since we have open borders, my phone never stops going off! It’s so disturbing that I lay there and just cry and beg to God for it to stop! Myself and my family we’re very well protected. We’re all concealed handgun licensed! And my daughter is an attorney, so we got that Avenue covered as well!

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    First off Joe Scarborough is being blackmailed. He has no other choice but to say what he does. He was sleeping with a coed that worked in his office in the 80s. She became pregnant with his child and she ended up dying in his office. I’m old enough that I remember it very well. Because we were like oh he messed up and then next thing you know we never heard anything else about it. It’s like it just disappeared kinda like Kate or Catherine.

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    Yeah Nathan. Going clean! You look great man

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    Good luck on keto. The first couple of weeks were pretty tough but it gets much better soon. Getting rid of sugar(poison) for the human body and added sugars will be a huge improvement in the long run.

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    Cellular health > immune system

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    28:04 looks like Biden took a dump in his pants.

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    What's even better than keto is carnivore9which is still ketosis, only deeper/better ketosis)~ check it out Nathan, do your own research of course. People have healed all kinds of mental & physical health issues, including myself. Absolutely the best decision I ever made, bar none.

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    We all know better. The Cabal took him out. Stop the lies……we know. RIP

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    I love your brain Nathan~if it gets foggy, throw some bread back in your diet.

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