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  1. What about the stealth drone obama gave iran

  2. The two hosts you mentioned at Fox… are both “opinion “ piece show hosts… they have different opinions. I think Trump has a handle on this. Waiting to see how this shakes out. The Bible says Iran leads a world army against Israel. No man or country will interfere and change Gods plans. In fact, God himself saves Israel, according to prophecy. NK wants to work with Trump, and they are. Hoping we are able to find a way to work with Iran.

  3. Are we sure their was a first holocust?

  4. Pieces of shit should be flushed.

  5. This is all distractions.what good does the most advanced military equipment do if the micro chips in them are compromised? Thats the real reason we havent attacked shit.remember the cargo ship that crashed into the navy warship in the pacific? It was disabled completely,couldnt even get out of the way. And the battle group in the black sea that had mock bombing runs done on them by russian fighters to the point that it demoralized the crew so bad many resigned..because russian ecm's completely disabled those ships too. Same with the drone shootdown. Some things you can safely mass produce in other countries for us,shoes ,clothes etc..but microchips for our weapons systems ? Might wanna keep that in house

  6. Brendon oconnell is onto the only real subject worth talking about

  7. Sean hannity is one of the biggest traitors to American in it's history. They think you're stupid because they talk to you like bad children as they demand you bend over for them. He's an evil evil traitor.

  8. Ttrump is a goy puppet, I hold him at the lowest regard starting shit on the other side of the planet for bagelville.

  9. Did Mr trump not declair irgc as a Terror Organisation short while ago? So how come he is not Shooting at this as he said 150 people.? Does he has merci with Terrorist now? He is a lier and he keeps lying. Before election He tries to play nice guy holy Prophet pfff what a joke

  10. Everyone cheering to bomb Iran deserves to be sent to the frontlines to die…..hopefully in agony. Only mindless scum cheer for war

  11. Will there ever be a president of the USA, that doesn't mention war, going to war, or sending in the troops to some far off land?

    Or is it… there's too many toys, so along with the munitions built up, warfare manufacturers…let's not forget the banking idealists.

    They somehow create/invent another enemy.

    I personally DO NOT hate or dislike the good and beautiful people in the USA.
    But…the people/organisations whom control the government's.

    Are dangerous… that's putting it mildly.

  12. Sick and tired of being Israel's bodyguard. Just over the neo-cons.

  13. is there a more evil man alive than Lindsey Graham?

  14. Remember Is Ra El has as many fn nukes as it wants, no one even questions Is Ra El have a stock of nukes! They just want US to do their dirty work.

  15. Lindsey Graham is a nasty PUNK. He should go home but he has NO WIFE to go home too. LINDSEY GRAHAM SHOULD HAVE GONE ON WITH McCAIN. His face disgust me.
    LYNN CHANEY, take your pappy with you to IRAN and fight since you want a war.

    Why do those OLD RICH MEN IN BOTH PARTIES WANT FOLKS TO KILL OTHERS FOR THEM? Lucifer their father LOVES to see BLOOD. LUCIFER the devil knows he will get more souls in hell when wars are started.


  16. ALL well planned wars… against insane aggressive people of political religious totalitarian ideologies of VIOLENT WORLD DOMINATION be they globalist totalitarians like ADOLF HITLER (and others) or his former allies of the "peace loving" muslim world… ARE RIGHTEOUS ACTS OF LOVE FOR HUMANITY.

  17. I met some Iranian men when I was traveling in Malaysia and they were super kind and down to earth and LOVED America. No shit, they loved the culture, the people… Iran is similar to the USA in that they have a terrible government.

  18. When our grid is attacked then we will attack

  19. No names comb over is aweful.

  20. The "Christian" PRESIDENT Barack Obama nuclearized and gave 150+ billion to the terrorist state of Iran because he and the rest of DEEP STATE desire Israel to be "wiped off the map"… as apparently you do also.

  21. There is no doubt he made the right call!

  22. I hope Iran bombs the shit out of Saudi Arabia and Israel.


  24. Puke…. FOX…… Iran is in on the game… Obama Paid them off…. America is the TARGET that will go down on 811….. August 11,2019.. Tisa B'av Traditional Ritual Destruction…. San Francisco Golden Gate coming down….

  25. iran who hasn't killed anyone is murderous? but israel which has murdered millions of Palestines alone are not murderous? and israel and usa who has murdered millions around the world are not murderous? just how many babies the usa has murdered 50million makes them murderous, iran is a fully civilised country with democratic elections where the leader is chosen by the PEOPLE. A REGIME IS SOMETHING THE USA, ISRAEL AND SAUDI ARABIA HAVE!

  26. i think trump had the strike on the table to find out who the leakers were which they did find them.


  28. Talpiot,technion, belt and road, these are real subjects and real threats.everyones worried about conventional wars and ignoring wars of deception.

  29. Hannity can go fuck himself. No war.

  30. Surprised Tucker is still on air.

  31. Brah do a video on how to use twitch and dtube. I find the sights complicated and very useless compared to YouTube.

  32. If Trump starts a war he will end his presidency.

  33. I hope China and Russia nuke America just for “Desmond is Amazing” alone. Not to mention all the other reasons we deserve it.

  34. Sean Hannity said he's prepared to send his kids to fight and die for that drone! LOL…just kidding. He's going to need them to stay behind to help him organize benefit concerts for people who have their legs blown off.

  35. Trump is aware the deep state is trying to manipulate him into war

  36. Just an interesting "Did you know?". Hannity had an online forum back in the 2000's. I was banned from it after being mocked and ridiculed for suggesting their was a "deep state".

  37. Call me crazy but isnt the president supposed to ask for permission from the house n senate to go to war? Or did Obummer set the tone for unilateral "humanitarian" bombing?

  38. Haha shooting a drone at 50 Th. Not hard sorry not hard at all.

  39. I think Shaun and trump are friends and well I follow Q so the idea is that they do tactical misinformation to confuse and mislead the aggressors and opposition. I’m not worried about trumps decisions. I read the art of war three times, it’s Trumps kind of bible for conducting himself in his business. The art of war, the art of the deal.

  40. I'm from SC & I have always hated the sour pussface Lindsay Graham. And now I hate him even more.

  41. 10 dislikes?? For the truth have those people jump off a long cliff

  42. The first barge showed up yesterday 3 months late. Good luck with food later in the fall. I find it funny you have missed the world has been in Major Flooding and corn on down the line in not happening this year.

  43. Check out Tru News… Isreal actually sold Iran missiles with nuclear capabilities in the 80's…Illuminati control both sides of every conflict!

  44. I am relieved too. Good Job President Trump!

  45. What utter tools the US msm has………and so many Americans that swallow their bollocks.

  46. Golan Heights Murdoch FoxNews: Good Cop, Bad Cop

  47. 87’, how about 79’?? (I’m old)

  48. It's the Jew$, ALWAYS the eff'n Jew$, then as now – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

  49. And people cheering.. people is ignorant AF.

  50. Graham is not to be trusted! Israel needs to send THEIR soldiers into battle. Netanyahoo wants the US to fight their wars. What about the warship ISRAEL shot up, killed our soldiers, and the media covered it up. Does ANYONE think Iran will set still after we attack them? Iran has allies with RUSSIA and CHINA, they will join Iran too, against THE US! World war 3 is coming. Trump will be blamed for it by his voters and he will lose the election. Maybe the deep state wants this? Trump needs to FIRE JOHN BOLTON YESTERDAY, and NEVER listen to Lindsey Graham. The Pentagon said Trump was right in not going to war.

  51. "peace thru war…."yep, just bat shit crazy, the whole world is gone off the cliff

  52. how to start a war and win an election .. tell em you don't want war, then give em something to cheer about

    the corporate fellowship: we don't want war, نحن لا نريد الحرب , אנחנו לא רוצים מלחמה, no one wants war. one (((false flag))) to join them all

  53. Tucker Carlson is a fresh air. I like him unlike all chauvinist news.
    You are doing Good job.

  54. If the pro war politicians, the hard core hawks, put down all their political capital/going all in on demanding war will thay get tossed out and side lined as crazy nuts jobs if Trump and common sense wins the day and lets it all pass without a big military attack.

  55. I’m glad President Trump changed his mind. I don’t want anymore wars

  56. Sadly, the rich serial killers who like to be called 'elite' won't stop because they are losing enormous amounts of money. They will eventually try to make war on Iran and it will lead to the end of the Anglo-American Empire and 'Israel'.

  57. "bomb bomb ..bomb bomb Iran"

  58. I'm I'm Australia and I can't seem to find LTV on dlive……. wtf

  59. The late, and DEAD John McCain was ISIS IMO, LMAO, MSM!

  60. “Never seen a battle field in his life”…a bit like the parent’s basement.

  61. Are the Trump tards seeing Trump for what he really is yet?

  62. Get off d-live and join 3speak! Thank me later!

  63. I doxxed 14 people if u are interested xD

  64. You know how it is Nathan… It's good for the economy to build weapons for war and technologies to remote neural monitor brain for illegal surveillance. It's good for the economy to employ psychopaths at the CIA and other agencies that lie to us and target people to torture with RF and chemtrails, so we can all get sick and go bankrupt because jobs, jobs, jobs in weapons manufacturing, war, pharmaceuticals, spying stalking intel, etc. are more important than freedom.

  65. Never liked much Tucker’s viewpoints, but he’s correct about Bolton being a demented phycopath !

  66. This guy is controlled op. Don't be fooled by the truth he tells you.

  67. Sean Hannity – the biggest propaganda agent on earth! Isn’t it funny how his show was nationally syndicated on 9/10/2001?

  68. Vassals states of Isnotreal will be defeated in WW3, then the parasite will move on to a new host….as usual.

  69. Sleeper cells here in America !

  70. Hannity, a true christian????????

  71. Great video! Maybe Hannity might be on '"someones" pay roll ? Looks like Tucker and probably Lou Dobbs are the only MSM reporters that have ANY integrity. Also, in what reality does allowing your elected officials to have dual citizenship and hence at best split loyalty make any sense ?

  72. Hannity is nuts, the way he treated the 911 truthers on his show with such disrespect proves he is owned by the MIC.

  73. Thanks for making this video, Nathan! Couple of things:

    First: Titus, who has experience as a pilot of water craft, says the Iranian deep-water navy vessels are not what they uses most of the time, already antiquated so would not be a big loss to Iran. They use speedboats with war heads on them to swarm nearby threats, which we wouldn't touch. Bad, but would be a "safer" response, if we need to respond. Brief video by Titus on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdyNWDkeqJ8

    Second: You Are Free TV made the observation in a recent video that the wreckage of the drone shown in photos is not like the drone we've been seeing in the photos–but Obama DID give Iran a drone in 2011, even though they claim to have just commandeered it, Abel Danger says they nor could pretty much anyone do that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU-HME-12D4 (Iran discussion begins at 16:48 lots of dots connected)

  74. Can my cat be Doshi’s running mate?

  75. "Trump the mercy full" = BS

  76. Sean Hannity what a Ziocon gatekeeper. ..he is a one man shit show and phoney …never forget the dishonest crap he and Fox pulled on Ron Paul on their Presidential Debate Show..

  77. Trump will do it, they are just getting the American public ready to eat it. It will not end well for America, and this they know. Iran, the next to last nation, on The List, America, the last country on the list. Obama will be back when they knock Biden off, fake or not, to operate the killing machine a la Grey State. Whoever wants to bomb Iran should understand it is all about destroying America, not Iran. Iran is collateral damage.

  78. U wish, we will kick ur ass out MD. Back off fake Rambo's ! Here is not Hollywood , here is Persia.

  79. Hey Hannity, Russia's military tech is decades ahead of America's. Suck on THAT…

  80. Lindsey Graham would be so much more peace-loving if he just came out of the closet.
    (omg, he used the H word! *squeal*)

  81. Sean beating the war drums again.!!!

  82. Ahhh do you pro Iranian dudes like Tim Poo,l you, and Kevin James amateurs realize we are going to eventually have to reign in this Iran religious extremists

  83. Nathan did you forget how this shit hole Iran massacred its own people and Green protests some years ago??

  84. it's for the Greater Israel Project

  85. John "Pornstache" Bolton

  86. Off topic … look into
    M,.,M. Scouting ! Pleces 4 a fake banner

  87. U said 3.8 billion per year. It's 38 billion

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