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    Big shoulders on the Chief huh?

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    Kansas City is a divided city, very nice in parts but in other parts it's really rough. I grew up there, heard gunshots all the time. Most of the time it was contained to specific areas but sometimes it crossed over.

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    no way the dudes just standing with cuffs on waiting to get in the van are the shooters … a shooter don't get to stand or have less than 3 cops on them . . Stop using lying GPT for info , BS demonic piggy backed AI .

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    I remember there was an estimated 2 million people that show up in downtown Chicago for one of the Chicago Blackhawks championships and I was thinking how stupid is that what a Target in the post 9/11 era

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    We're not in Kansas anymore

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    Bad actors…. She's revealing a little bit of the truth to you

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