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    There must be an election coming, Trump is turning orange again.

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    This country is the Titanic and look who is at the helm.

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    Originally from Baltimore #bmoreawesome, and I have been stuck on the Bridge during rush hour. To be honest, that bridge named after Francis Scott Key, never felt safe. On windy days it would sway back and forth and no areas to pull over if you have any issues with your vehicle

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    80 views and 110 likes— decent ratio! ❤

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    Actually what dropped the bridge was a earthquake. The boat is the scapegoat. The earthquake was a foreshock. The MASSIVE main event is coming shortly. Please standby.

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    Can they rebuild it as fast as the Crimean bridge was built? Construction face off, the P Diddler is toast.

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    Diddy runs deep in so many different directions. Eazy E, Tupac, Big, even Will Smith.

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    He has all the makings of being the new face of jello puddin pops! Diddy will be fine! Highly qualified to be the face of jello for years to kum

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    Maybe people will finally see that Kat speaks the truth. TD is a major player and will go down next

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    Nope! I saw it in person ZERO explosions Also, this will only impact Under Armor and a few companies here. But hey, this dude gets his youtuber fake job money by getting you to click, so good for him profiteering from your wasted time.

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    You know what I’m saying you understand you hear what I’m sayin. No no I don’t nor do I want to lol

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