I woke up on the California Central Coast with a blanket of smoke over my head, so I ended up driving about 1.5h south to see the source for myself. This is the closest I got to the fires in Carpinteria.

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    Pretty good shot of the fire's, Would like to see more if you can.

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    Great Footage! Please Be Safe Everyone!

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    Well look at you.. On the spot reporting the news.. stay safe

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    Nathan… as I watched this I said "WOW" out loud… the way you are doing this really brings it home, thank you for doing this. I've seen the news… but this is much more personal and real and powerful!

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    Stay safe Nathan. Prayers for those who have lost homes and loved ones. May they find some comfort in these troubling times.

    When the fires were going up here in NorCal it was scary. Woke up in the middle of the night to thick smoke in the air. Did our best to stay inside and breathe in as little as possible of the smoke. Everything was covered in ashes for days and that was 25-30 miles away from the fires.

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    Thanks for getting out there!

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    Praying for you and all in California affected by this fires. Get out of there as soon as you can. Be safe!

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    "Warriors come out and play"……..

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    living hell stay out from witchcraft and wicca pray more spare your sin

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    Prayers for those & loved ones of California <3 TY for the film LTV.

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    Where I live we put sprinkler systems on all the structures in the path of the fire! We super saturate the areas around the structure with a high humidity bubble and we leave it like that and let the fire burn around the building and move to the next structure. It doesn’t seem as if much is happening there as far as fire suppression.

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    I guess we have NY again as an example of our "lack of security" to help add more subversive laws that totally squat and smear the constitution

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    Need a drone. That would be awesome

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    Q called the false flag in NY today

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    California Wildfire Relief needs your donations
    Please donate via PayPal by visiting paypal.me/WildfireRelief to donate

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    Ty for your coverage of the fires. Im not living in Ventura now but my family is there and its my home where i grew up and lived half my adult yrs. This is so heart breaking. I cant stop crying watching the fires yet i cant stop watching.

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    honestly, driving towards the fire location when evac orders are in place is a stupid dangerouse move..leave the roads open for evac and emerg vehicles..fool.. no people are not driving around looking for a place to view the fire theyre evacuating homes etc..steer clear

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    You are so behind the news. This has been going on since early month. Dry, uninformative. Lookie lou

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    So you live in carp with me !!

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