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    Nathan Douglas and defango do know each other… Douglas gave us all the clue when he said that the original Q group are "wizards" well then if you go look at defangos 2nd channel it's called Merlin defango.. And his 2nd channel cover lots of new age stuff like Douglas is into.. So this has all been a ploy by defango and Douglas to get credit for knowing Q.. Think about it it all makes sense

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    Seriously, how quick would David hoggg get beat up if he walked down the street alone anywhere but this rich white bagel biting Florida neighborhood?

  3. Avatar

    Lmao The Hitler dub over hogg was good but I think dr. Frankenstein's it's alive could also work for comedic effect

  4. Avatar

    Wait, he implies that when he biked to school he didn’t know whether it was a mass shooting yet. If he was there, wouldn’t he have known exactly what it was?

  5. Avatar

    how this fraud student get a 4.1 gpa, now in this video it's a 4.2>>> out of a 4.0 system???? I call BS – he is a proven liar, an FBI groomed activist who lied about being at the school during the shooting – he is whining about not getting into these colleges when in fact, he was at CNN last year looking for an Internship???

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    I dont follow or respect goodman but gabriel sounded insane in that phone call. Couldnt listen to AIM anymore.

  7. Avatar

    The footage itself shows that you can only criticize what the mainstream media criticizes and you cannot criticize what the mainstream media is promoting. Therefore purely by logic the mainstream media is fascist. And who owns the main stream media? it's the liberal left that's fairly obvious by what they promote and what they criticize. Therefore following through with simple laws of logic the liberal left is fascist. This is like using high school logic nothing complicated.

  8. Avatar

    Agree with your defango-gabriel-goodman analysis. Q is for gamers entertaining but foolhardy if anyone think its legit or even matters.

  9. Avatar

    Hogg is not an activist. Most of the activist students are crisis actors.

  10. Avatar

    Courts could have acted by now and have not. So only way to drain swamp is the people becoming aware of who is standing in 2018 elections. making sure that none are secret society. Real politicians sort courts out and everything else too.

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    Just started your video and before I listen I just want to say this kid gives me the creeps. Bad vibes.

  12. Avatar

    Well when Leftists need relevance just bring in the kids, after all their life experience is beyond question. Hogg's daddy reportedly has ties to child trafficking………interesting.

  13. Avatar

    The fact that David Hogg is still walking around is a testament to the restraint and collective self-control of the gun community.
    Interesting moniker: "De-fang-go." Perfect for a tool to control opposition/dissent.

  14. Avatar

    They look a bit old to be high school students. The tone of AIM's videos recently changed drastically.

  15. Avatar

    BBLanguage is a load of BS. Does she ever find something she was't expecting? No, because she goes in with preconceived ideas and backs them up with "tells". Obviously not having a clue!

  16. Avatar

    People also hold a 17 year old to a higher standard than the President. What a joke!

  17. Avatar

    "I judge character based on grammar and spelling… and syntax…" Wow, I've been a big fan for awhile and you just lost me. One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Unsubscribing

  18. Avatar

    So sad. This was when you were excellent.

  19. Avatar

    Domestic psyops are always treason. No bogus 'Act' can change that.

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