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    Good to see you again mate, cheers from Australia

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    stay well, nice to see you … cheers from UK

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    Happy to see and hear you.

    I know what can help with your mental state. You need a child. Children give us hope for the future. Children give us the energy & desire we need to push forward. Maybe you and Katie can adopt?

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    yes Bro ..all the best from the west ..eyes on the prize 1 & All x

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    sending positive thoughts and love your way ❤️ husband will be making another shirt order tonight

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    Appreciate you checking in Nathan.
    Glad things are on the upswing.

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    Cheers from Ireland ❤

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    I got raided again Nathan…5 detectives…they took my state of the art pc …arrested me …mugshot dna fingerprints whole shebang

    Caution for alleged harassment (journalism and whistleblowing)

    Pending possible trial

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    Still seems to me that Katie is your handler but maybe like Cathy O'brien you will love your spouse until death do you part

    You are so precious Nathan

    Could you not have your Dad live with you?

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    Hope all is well, Nathan.

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    Come on the machine lies panel to promote your show Nathan

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    so glad to hear from you Nathan! sending you tons of love and great vibes to sell 2 cars by this weekend ❤keep on keepin' on

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    Nathan!!!!! I was just thinking about you! You look healthy! Car business is rough! You always struck me as the type to live off the land & simplistically. Maybe nature is calling? Glad you're doing good. Hope you're making friends! Networking is a must in sales. Love hearing from you!

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    Glad to see you Nathan. Hope all is well. I missed the show live unfortunately.

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    Already bought another shirt for my husband and I! I’m glad to see your back! We missed you! ❤

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    Glad you’re alive and okay

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    Good to see you Nathan. Hopefully Morpheus comes soon to rescue you from your office job.

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    Man, sorry i missed this

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    Omgosh I didn’t know I missed this !!! Watching now ❤

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