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  1. He needs to just go ahead, and bust out of the closet, and get over this allegedly depressed college dropout syndrome. If he's straight, well then, I'm Mother Teresa.

  2. I am sorry what the fck harm did this radicalisation do to this dude? So he changed his mind about some stuff! Then he changed it back! So fkn what? I think the far left are more fkn radical than the right.

  3. SHEKELS for NATHANSTIEN and DOSHISTIEN for begging of donations and cheap merchandise

  4. The fake news mainstream media has s*** for ratings no one watches these idiots because everyone is watching YouTube. That's why they want to smear alternative media on the tubes because they think somehow people will puke out the red pill and swallow the blue and watch CNN again.

  5. This is a total psy-op, and he knows it & is a willing participant, I don't believe it for a second!

  6. “Caleb, we’re almost out of time.”
    Truest statement in this whole segment.

  7. look at her eyes when he pauses at 14:44 … um is it just me or dose that look fuckin weird .. unsettling

  8. hahahahahahah! they are scared!

  9. They should give him a new straight nose for spewing his lies. This is nothing but a lame attempt to influence simple minds. But hey anything for ratings right?

  10. Can you shut up and play the damn thing ? ZGAAD. DAMN .6 min in . bye

  11. Absolutely pathetic news piece. But then again, exactly what we would expect from CNN.

  12. Glad to hear you mention Jimmy Dore Cheers

  13. This is a classic case where I immediately suspect the possibility the person in question, Caleb Cain here, has been handled/psy-oped in a big way. He sounds programmed, to put it mildly.

  14. Caleb Cain – C.C. 33. Actor.
    Oval face, small shoulders, skull smaller than the interviewer…Tranny. Laughable!!
    Now I’ll watch the vid.

  15. Good report. It's so clearly bullshit

  16. This is not organic al all!! I feel like they have more planned for this poor kid… he has “that” look, of manufactured tragedy.

  17. That guy is 100% ANTIFA.

  18. How fake are they both he should go find Jesus

  19. What a lie – they will stop at nothing…

  20. He's probably a clone, working to destroy peoples rights to watch the Youtube as they wish tol

  21. Nathan, why no 3 speak yet?

  22. They set that BS story up, and provided their ActWhore to sell ii

  23. Notice his last name "Cain" – son of the Serpents" lies……………..

  24. SM talks about IQ in different races but it’s not that negative. Anyway the guy was red pilled and now he’s crying about it

  25. Calib Cain = CC= 33. Manufactured fiction.

  26. His name Caleb Cain in gamatria – equals: Caleb = 5 Mercury which is the Serpent and Satan / Cain = 9 which is Mars meaning Destruction / 5 + 9 = 14 = 5 which is Mercury Serpent Satan LIAR!………………………. He is a liar bringing Destruction of peoples rights! I WONDER WHO GAVE HIM OR HER TRANNY, THAT NAME?

  27. CNN.. Communist News Network..

  28. Trump is soposively also a Gemini – which is ruled by Mercury which is the Serpent Satan – which is a liar………………..

  29. This is a fake news psy op! History repeats itself… The military / DoD has continued to fund and run cruel and inhumane mind control programs. It's MKULTRA all done remotely with remote neural monitoring, radio frequency, ELF, EMF and the illegal surveillance system. They are disguising mind control / torture programs as gang stalking programs and call victims targeted individuals. These fake news psy ops are used to confuse people, cover the mind control programs and continue to label victims as mentally ill crazy people.

    Advanced technology is being used today to carry out the works of Dr. Jose Delgado who was involved in the MKULTRA projects. Delgado was a Yale University doctor that was funded by Public Health Services, Navy and Air Force to research the effects of brain stimulation on group behavior. In one 11 year old boy, he was able to elicit a change in sexual identity by stimulating a part of his brain (the superior temporal convolution of the brain) and upon stimulation, the boy would identify himself as female and express the desire to marry male. These experiments are still being conducted today, covertly and remotely right before our eyes.

    If you ask someone how they'd feel about satellite technology being used covertly on their children to convince their son they were female, or to convince their daughter that they were male… almost all of them will be horrified to know that is going on today.

    The illegal surveillance system that we are all subject to at this time, includes remote neural monitoring and directed energy radio frequency weapons with voice to skull or synthetic telepathy technology. They are capable of using TMS – transcranial magnetic simulation, directed at any individual, to read that individual’s thoughts, while applying a myriad of radio frequency to mimic the cruel radio frequency human experiments of MKULTRA.

    Dr. Delgado wrote a book titled, "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho-civilized Society." I have no doubt that when shootings occur, they are a direct result of efforts put forth to achieve this goal. After all, Myron May, Aaron Alexis, Esteban Santiago, Nikolas Cruz and many others all filed police reports that they were being remotely targeted and tortured with military weapons and technologies.

    Most people are familiar with the lines in the sky. Many say it's to keep us captive in an electromagnetic friendly environment. The advances in technology in the 60s and 70s took the brain stimulation studies a huge step forward… researchers turned the exposure of the brain to external electromagnetic fields to produce similar results to brain implantation. This has DIRECT implications to the complaints of mind control experimentation that we are hearing about today from targeted individuals, because it was discovered that the human brain is very responsive to externally applied electromagnetic fields!

    Dr. Persinger did research using electromagnetic fields to alter human brain activity and studied the ability of magnetic fields to create false memories and alter consciousness. His research had been funded by the Navy. Persinger mentions the potential of directly influencing the major portion of the approx. six billion brains of the human species and that this could be accomplished by generating neural information within a physical medium which all members of the species could be immersed in. His article is, "On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms"

    With that said, are the chemtrails, the "physical medium" Persinger claims can be used to directly access every human brain? It surely seems like it could be.

    Persinger is mentioned in Jim Schnabel's, "Remote Viewers", as being included in a still classified project called SLEEPING BEAUTY, A DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency funded project focused on the ability of electromagnetic fields to create false memories and altered states of consciousness. SLEEPING BEAUTY is allegedly aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind altering electromagnetic weaponry such as HAARP and BLUE BEAM.

    These ongoing military and gov agency mind control and torture programs that continue today on larger scales are our biggest threat. All of this information can be found in Dr. John Hall's books, "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America" and "Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control". Dr. Hall also clearly references where he obtained all of his information in his research.

    This sick shit must stop before they destroy more lives, families, and torture more Americans to death.

    Come on Nathan, you are smart enough to know all of this stuff, I'd expect you to speak out to your large audience and question this… Won't defunding and stopping human experimentation without consent and shutting down mind control programs, illegal surveillance of the brain, directed energy weapons, voice to skull technologies, synthetic telepathy, etc. solve much of the mental health crisis? If you're not capable of getting your audience to think about these questions, your listeners will need to start questioning your motives, in addition to questioning who you might be working for and if you're involved in pushing the illegal brain surveillance mind control programs and disguising them as more BS mental illness.

  30. Yeah! YouTube is all about "watch time"!!
    Is this kid retarded!?
    That must be why they keep promoting videos like Axiom (HBO) interviewing Sundar pichai that only has a 4% overall positive view rating!
    Yeah! You read that right!!

  31. …something seems odd about his arguments ..like deja vu ….maybe there is an echo in my chambers

  32. i agree with this kid. if you listen to alex jones for a period of time and others, you go crazy and everything is a conspiracy theory. they make money promoting fear.

  33. OH MY LORD. Is CNN this fucking desperate they have to get some paid troll or actor to say "EVERYTHING WE DONT HEAR ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS RACIST, RADICAL AND A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISES. "L O FUCKING L. But he's a free speach advocate. NUFF SAID. Controlled opposition. Mainstream media, WE ARE CELEBRATING THAT YOU ARE SUICIDING YOURSELF. Your bought and paid wars, drug and human trafficking you cover up, and the big pharma control over the media is now being exposed HEY CNN, GO FUCK YOUR SELF. We celebrate your demise.

  34. If this is "actually" a real story about this dumb ass dude who was apparently radicalized on YouTube………..Let me get this straight—–So he was an 'idiot', then became even MORE of an idiot, then went back to being a 'complete fucking idiot!' There are way too many idiots in this world.

  35. He turned into a gay frog

  36. Caleb Cain.. these Canaanites have no imagination. That is an alias lol

  37. Bank of America building in Charlotte North Carolina looks like the tower of Babel. Look behind Caleb Cain.

  38. You tube is deflecting advertising dollars. Money! It's money.

  39. Mr. Caine only proves that he is impressionable & can be easily influenced. A while back he would be making videos warning against the mainstream. The actor kid needs to fix that deviated septum. Looks like he (or she) is the new David Hoggwash.

  40. CNN – Controlled Narrative Nonsense, is the most trusted in fake nonsense in all the MSM control your thoughts shows that there is. Fox believes the POTUS can do no wrong, ABC always broadcast crap both left and right but CNN takes the gold medal for pushing fiction as reality.

  41. Mental health is certainly a big problem for the network he decided to go to, to tell people he has been de-radicalized just shows that he's still mentally I'll.

  42. He acts like he's researched these political / cultural philosophies. He is obviously not educated, and super naive as well. A tool. The fact that they are giving this guy 5 seconds is a classic problem, reaction, solution scenario. "Mr. Expert" lol

  43. Digital Hate Politics. Lol. What next?

  44. He went on CNN lmao!! Well that figures.. that dude is a damn trader to the real patriots

  45. What a joke. " Welcome to the real WORLD. "

  46. Besides the cc being 33, his shirt In the video, the Gorillaz shirt. Ill=33.

  47. Caleb Cain Marcus is a photographer born in Colorado U.S, living in New York City.[>>he works with them

  48. Is it me, or, does it look like he has a script?

  49. hey Nathan I don't think I've ever written you before but I have to tell you I almost drove off the New Jersey turnpike tonight you had me laughing so hard I never heard you goof on anybody as much as your goofrd on this guy and he certainly deserves it. I like that the college drop put had his mind melted by YouTube, perhaps had he finished college he'd have the tools to discern and process information. AND I love that he had diagnosed a national health CRISIS, of radicalized folks. I love he's accusing us of the last two years of False flags and hoax attacks. # Jussie . Final thought I keep remembering you trying to warn Isaac to watch his six I could tell he wasn't taking you seriously and I remember it disturbing me and now I know why. God bless.

  50. Symmetrically fucked outside & in.

  51. GTOH…this radicalization/de-radicalization is a load of HS

  52. The NWO is in panic mode, and they should be. Nathan you are responsible also in a great degree about that. You should be proud of your self. Best regards J.

  53. What is the alt right? Antifa, Nonsense!!

  54. I bet Calebs shoesize trumps his IQ

  55. Lot of mental illness going on at CNN. Terrible…

  56. And MainSlimeMedia just "happends" to find these Mentalcases…But still cant find their own Ass ( The truth ) with Their own two hands…..This is cartoon level stuff….Potentional EBOLA carriers have now been pouring in to States thru Mexico For DAYS…STILL Not A SINGLE WORD from these MainSlimePresstitutes…EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN PERSONALLY CONTACTED BY ICE PERSONAL…That Says everything You need to know about the ….renowned MainSlimeWhores…

  57. Bilderberg Meeting 2019 Topic 9. The Weaponisation of Social Media. Coincidence?

  58. sorry cant watch, to many weird mouth noises triggering me.

  59. I just erased two comments without posting. I just can't with this. But thanks for letting us know that this was actually on CNN as news.

  60. CNN is so bad, Everytime I see it l get a little puke in mind throat, CNN really makes me sick…

  61. He's a full of shit liberal….

  62. This kid reminds me of the jusset smollett case.. a complete fraud and set up. I wonder if hes been paid yet?

  63. Reminds me of the old song by Indeep: Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

  64. All hell is about to break loss and the Elite think these actors are helping them.

  65. Some buddy find this dude and punch him in the face

  66. I support Palestine and freedom from Jewish occupation.No dual citizenship in politics!

  67. Disparity of wealth up 10 fold since 2001. The left's sweetheart soros paying the autistic news to repeat that anyone who wants their freedom is radicalized, you can see the solution. We don't need a revolution, we need to have a couple tumors taken away.

  68. Hahah most obvious fake news. This actor has all the talking points the left wants. This kid is a joke, don't feel sorry for any wannabe famous tool that goes on CNN, he is playing the victim, he is a trator to America just like all leftists, and zog right wing tools.

  69. I unironically find this faggot hilarious.

  70. dude is obviously reading a script

  71. So this is why they have distroyed their own platform.

  72. Your dry commentary is hilarious to me.

  73. Well, if he can de_radicalise himself then so can we…LOL wtf pathetic.

  74. More fake news and actors on CNN. Yawn.

  75. FFS we have NOT seen hate crimes spike in the last few years. hate crimes are actually DOWN, as per the FBI's own statistics. the ADL & other hate-pimps are the only ones flogging this "hate crimes are up" narrative. when will people learn that taking the word of organizations that depend for their very existence on the perception that "hate" is rampant on the prevalence of "hate" is asking to be fooled?
    ADL stats debunked: https://www.unz.com/article/media-promote-adl-propaganda-on-extremist-terrorism/ [yes, it's written by Jared Taylor. no, this does not change the fact that his conclusions are accurate. it's a sad day when journalists are too cowardly to go up against the terrorist ADL & one has to get one's facts from someone like Taylor.]
    actual hate crime statistics: https://www.winterwatch.net/2019/05/the-hidden-truth-about-us-hate-crime-in-47-charts/
    any sane society would celebrate the decline in racially-motivated crime. unfortunately, we don't live in one of those.

  76. This kids an actor. This is a false flag interview put on by the left to villainize the right. Liberals are nothing but psychological projection asst. They are the racist party, they are the sexiest party, they are the terrorists and they project the things they do by saying the other side does them. I can't wait for these people in the media to be arrested and tried for their crimes of subversion and attempted coup of a seated president and the division of the nation, sexually, racially, politically, the mainstream media is evil and run and owned and controlled by evil people hell-bent on destroying America and they and their newscasters will hang for treason

  77. She makes me want to puke. I am surprised they didn't use the Hogg for this one too. They used this guy because he looks like he has been standing to close to a moving train, but can still nod his head when they spill out their narrative.

  78. Nevermind plastics in the ocean, look at the trash CNN puts out on the airwaves. : (

  79. Liking that End the Fed shirt, Nathan. Gonna order me one tomorrow.

  80. This is propaganda , AKA Fake News. False narrative. What else is new.

  81. These people are delusional at best. They are a propaganda behemoth. Don't fall for their BS. Yes there is some dis-information out there, but a majority of the truth movement are good people trying to open the eyes of their friends and neighbors because we are running out of time. These people won't think twice about imprisoning people that have opposing viewpoints in the future. It is getting pretty sticky out there. If we continue to pull our resources together, and continue to spread honest truth, God will always be on our side. We can do this.

  82. His first mistake was going to utub while depressed you got to have discernment on ut some good information but don’t get your identity from it

  83. No doubt fake news/psyop. Caleb Cain? Really? CC=33. Caleb Cainstein more like it. Check out that nose. Unmistakable.

  84. When I think borderline I think I videos of young kids being borderline I am happy that they have that as a term of service because some people in that sense really skid the line of whats appropriate, maybe those are the accounts they are trying to target

  85. Yes, radical feminist & leftist are a public health crisis.

  86. CNN : cringe-worthy nutty nonsense news network !!! Ughhhhhh.. i predict a MASSIVE ratings drop of this particular main stream news outlet to continue to their detriment! Ha!

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