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    Nathan, did you just quote G-love and Special Sauce?.. or was that John Spencer blues explosion?
    … the things that I used to do, I don't do no more baby.

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    So Nathan i kinda feel off the conspiracy train, really after 2019 and going into 2020 my mental health really took a hit and i had to focus on myself, not I've recently found your channel again, can you help me to understand something, how did davey crocko die i just found out today and have been looking, not that it really matters but I'm just wondering

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    Nice, but it needed the N Word man.

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    WOW YT doesn't want us to watch this show, spinning wheels, all your other vids work fine but this one they seem worried about, is it on other platforms?

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    George Floyd was part of the Aliens invasion (Project Blue Beam) and Derek Chauvin actually foiled the attacks.

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    Anyone ever tell you look like Ashton Kutcher?

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    don't worry about the sad people who call and block the line. can you imagine how sad their lives definitely are to waste their time doing that! You know those people are in pain and completely empty inside. Probably virgins too!! haha

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    Do a casll in show Nathan I'll be waiting I have news from GHOST of MICHAELSCOTT@WireBrushWizard

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