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    My comments are already full of Hoaxtead trolls, in case there was any doubt that I'm right about Bombard. Look at how they come out to protect Bombard and attack me and Corey Feldman.

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    I'm going to keep saying it Echo Truths channel on Hamstead just start at 22mins in. We can all be fooled, in saying that I think Nathan is one of the good guys but if you don't listen to that channel it will be very hard to see the truth about Hamstead 22min in just listen for ten minutes, who has not got ten min to spare.

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    Corey Haim Mom says Corey Feldman is a hoax. I believe it. 30 years of saying , now cashing in

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    I’m late to the party Nathan, your thoughts on simulation theory.

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    Nathan… I really have my doubts about him… not saying he is lying.. it's a fact that Hollywood is and always has been connected with Pedophilia… BUT there are not just some sick pedophiles.. why isn't he saying 1 word about how Hollywood is clearly run by people who worship Lucifer… sick psychopath Pedophiles who rape and sacrifice children.. people who are not aware of this may think there are some big names who are pedophiles and as soon they are removed everything will be fine… but it's the whole HOLLYWOOD system.. the whole Entertainment industry.. and if he really wants to expose some of these Pedo's why is he still waiting?? ohhh now he is planning to make a movie about the meantime more children are getting abused by those sick Pedo's he knows..

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    This man needs to be born again and covered in the blood of Jesus Christ!!!!! At the name of Jesus the devil must flee!!!!

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    Hello Nathan, I have watched a video of what Corey is up to these days and it is kind of creepy in and of itself. He lives in his hollywood mansion and has several young women 'angels'. I think he himself is balls deep in the spread of disinformation to further discriminate any further witnesses or victims from coming forward despite having been abused himself. Caution is required before believing anything with this story.

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    I didn't have to go that far into it. I agree with you that maybe she's accurate around 50% of the time. I'm sorry about whatever she did to you….Now I'll go back and listen on.

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    I don't believe a word Corey Feldman says. He is just another agent of the system.

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    Say….where's the cat? Seriously, I'm not into the Mandella Affect, or Flat Earth, but her being psychologically manipulative and rude shows her arrogant colors. She reminded me of ACFU, who doesn't buy Corey Feldman's appeal, and tells everybody he' s not buying into it, so we shouldn't, too.

    Regardless of is personallity, will anybody say he has not been abused? And from where do I hear they're trying to legalize pedophilia? Gag me when that happens.

    Whatever his motive, I wish him luck with the film.

    And let me know what you dug up on her credentials.

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    Bombard is a hired gun and has already sold out. She is not an expert witness just a troll for internet use. No question. As for her poor neighbor he's probably being stalked by her.

  12. Avatar

    She's too subjective, and out of line sometimes. Why tout an education to one-up somebody. You don't need that. Edward Snowden is quite voluble and articulate, to name one, and he got only his G.E.D.

  13. Avatar

    I completely missed the video because I was laughing so hard at the comments. I'm not gonna replay it though.

    It's been a while since I checked in on you Nathan. Glad to see nothing changes round here. At least you're consistent.

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    Yeah I knew she was full of shit she was set up to help the wrong side she says the exact opposite of what you real ones say like you and Ed Opperman and William Ramsey to name a few of the real truth speakers.

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    I try to learn something from everyone – I don't go in with the expectation everyone must agree with me – she is no different. She has a great personality and I think very funny. There are a few people I don't agree with her assessment – but then I have my own BS meter.

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    Haha, oh wow, she's a fraud.

  17. Avatar

    I'd love Bombard to do a whole video where she objectively analyzes herself. I don't expect it soon.

  18. Avatar

    Wow that bombard person is a moron. I usually don't like to throw around ad hominem attacks but in this case, it's not an attack per se, she really is moronic – her analysis is completely grounded in nothing, rooted in no scholarly theory. Because you don't move you are a liar? What?

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    Corey Haim's mother feels guilty about not protecting her son so she does not want Feldman to talk about the molestations.

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