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    God I remember this channel. Didn't this guy mess up badly on something

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    i seem to remember defango claiming the FBI was not censoring our content. liar…

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    This ‘gifting scheme’ is a bad idea. People want authenticity, not BS high school drama double face back stabbing nonsense – it’s a really bad tell.

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    Can still see video of Eb on Rumble.

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    Do not want timcast to report on anything after that Cashman article. All their creditability is gone. Oh and Ian sucks I hope he goes and make some graphene carbon capture bullshit, and get off the internet.

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    But OMG Tim needs to fire that writer. It will make things worse to do a re-write since it's obvious the writer and Tim still don't understand the serious issues surrounding that woman being a fraud stealing money over a non existent charity, the censorship on Twitter/Youtube and supporting Eliza who was never trafficked and is not helping in fact is insulting every child and person who has been trafficked into the sex slave industry. Tim is no better than TYTurks. Unless the re write is admitting they were wrong about all of it with a sincere apology instead of detracting and blaming the viewers they will make things even worse. I unsubbed from Tim's channels and no longer trust, believe or care about a word he says. He's paid off controlled opposition IMO.

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    Honestly, Defango is a douche.

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    So @timcast was right

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    Wow if feels like 2017

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    Nathan is experiencing the Patty Hearst effect.

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    loved the show so much you did great i wrote a very brand new parody
    the who wont get fooled again
    THEY'll be FUCKING in the streets,
    With our children at our feet,
    And the morals that WE worship will be gone,
    And the Trump who spurred THEM on,
    Sit in judgment of all Dong's,
    They try to hide and Parody_bear sings the song,

    I'll tip my hat to the TWO Constitutions,
    BUY SOME GUNS for civil revolution,
    Smile and grin at the SATAN all around,
    Pick up my WEINER and play,
    Just like yesterday,
    Then I'll get on my knees and pray,
    I will get fooled again,

    Eletric it had to go,
    MAN BURNT it all along,
    We were liberated from the BRITS, that's all,
    And the world looks just the same,
    And history IS NOW changed,

    I'll tip my hat to the TWO Constitutions,
    BUY SOME GUNS for civil revolution,
    Smile and grin at the SATAN all around,
    Pick up my WEINER and play,
    Just like yesterday,
    Then I'll get on my knees and pray,
    WE ALL get fooled again,
    No, no,

    I'll move myself and my family aside,
    If we happen to be left half-alive,
    I'll get all my papers and smile AND MAYBE CRY,
    For I know that the Mkultra never lie,
    Do you?

    There's Killing in the street,
    Looks VERY VAXXED to me,
    And the LOGOS are effaced, by-the-EYE,
    And the parting on the left,
    Is now the parting on the right,
    And the BALLZ have all grown SMALLER overnight,
    I'll tip my hat to the TWO Constitutions,
    GRAB A GUN for civil revolution,
    Smile and grin at the Strange all around,
    Pick up my WEINER and play,
    Just like TOOODAY,
    Then I'll get on my knees and pray,
    We will get PILARS OF SALT again,
    No, no,

    Meet the new JESUS,
    Same as the old JESUS,

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    Thankyou Nathan…it was good of you to have Defango on your show so we could hear his side of this
    story. It's such a shame when talented people, with much to offer the utube audience, become embroiled in fighting amongst themselves. Such a waste of good energy. I enjoy watching all the various people involved and I hope the issues are resolvef in timely fashion and learnt from. Thanks again Nathan and I wish you all the best.

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    Oh snap deFango you been grifting forever. Remember the livechat read that played thru your radio and the drive-thru and I yelled ❤”help help, I’m in the truck” The look on drive-thru ladies face. Classic

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    Oh, I used to be subscribed when you were living in your parent's garage. Just found you when I searched for Defango about this Tim Pool stuff. Anyway, subscribed again. I always liked the way you cover stuff. I'm trying to remember what Defango was saying in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election. At the time, I was kind of following the QANON stuff. I maybe be wrong but I think Defango was calling out QANON as a psyop?? If so, although it wasn't a popular thing to say at the time, he was right. Maybe I'm getting the history wrong?

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    Tim let his temper and his ego overwhelm his good sense and intelligence. I think The Quartering making the meme about him in a Dorsey beard made him lose his mind. He is ridiculously sensitive about his appearance and obsessed about going bald, thus, his wearing of that stupid beanie. I do wonder if he even sleeps in it.

    I've long been a fan of Tim's and that's why I was appalled when he attacked others and came up with his stupid conspiracy theories about bots. Yes, I'm sure such things exist but he had no proof that was behind the whole Bleu thing. He totally dismissed the idea that it was his fans trying to explain things to him and pint out his errors, including myself, to no avail.

    The entire censorship issue just went over his head. His pride and his ego led him to attack the very people who were trying to help him. Bots are rather obvious but the criticism of his own fans were were well thought out and considered and offered advice and cautions which he should have heeded but did not.

    I do hope Tim has learned from this. I, also, wish he'd get over his obsession with his looks and going bald but, I expect, that is a bridge too far for Tim.

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    are you not on Dlive any more?? cant find u ..love up from UK x

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    Defango said he started Q lol. Hes a clown

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    Who spoofed the Seth Reich files ?

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