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  1. Its awesome. I am making the first comment. I am truly setting the tone for this important conversation. Hulk Hogan is in fact THE MOST INFLUENTIAL wrestler ever.

  2. This Pompeo dude and his friends must really want to go to hell. His whole life is dedicated to it.

  3. The CIA did this. 100%
    Thanks for exposing Pompeo

  4. Iran is code word for Israel.

  5. M○SS@D OPERATION. Always is!

  6. It was the Mossad. It was a Mossad job.

  7. Please dont let your babies die for Israel

  8. Why , why would they , nothing to gain everything to lose . Its got really old , people aint believing this crap anymore , only the dipshit talking heads , because they are paid to and very well paid at that , to make you believe.

  9. Dont they know by now that going to war with a country on a false flag is played out.. especially if its a country isreal wants to destroy

  10. The war has started already , they just havent sent in all the armour yet

  11. I wonder if this is what John Kerry meant when he tweeted that the Oceans are under unprecedented threats?

  12. How come I'm thinking John Kerry is to blame?

  13. Sounds like a "House of Cards" script.

  14. So you believe Iran because they said so LOL!

  15. They had to do the F. Flag now because it was settling down. Japan was there and Iran was negotiating and working with others. Israel model. Use force before a possible peaceful settlement .

  16. Israel says Tankers carting WMD`s Hahahaha , So bluddy obvious , Hell what a obvious F/F

  17. So the White Helmets are operating in Iran too, huh? Sad and sick!

  18. Well, just look who is the handler's for Iran… It is a FF…

  19. frack, man! don't they have, like, security teams, protectin' those things? i ain't buyin' it, man!

  20. This has Yahudi written all over it.

  21. Whats wtf is wrong with these people?

  22. Lol the limpid mine used by all NATO Navy's and spec ops.

  23. The satanists are just BLOOD LUSTING to get POTUS Into a war. The DS needs a war to keep a hold on their banking systems… This is classic demonRats crap…!

    They do not care even a little about anyone getting hurt or dying. Their evil agenda is all they care about… They are going down and they know it, so things will get worse… Here comes the kitchen sink…

  24. Even the U.K. paper doubted it was Iran, said it could be a "false flag." That is unprecedented for U.K. to tell the truth!

  25. Japan and Sweden/ Norway should investigate and….when the Americans are found guilty… they should severe ties with America…. Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Philippines personell lives were involved because of "AMERICAN INTERVENTIONS "

  26. i am so sick of israhell & it's lil bitch Trump

  27. Once Japan joined the white hats the deep state wants to make them pay for it. And force us to help them witch then will try to start a war

  28. History is repeating itself, "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

  29. Pompeo should be hanged today

  30. Every US war started with false flag(s)

  31. I for one am sick of the BS! I ain't buying it. Never again will I believe the liars. I don't care if they have an Iranian in an I love Iran video blowing shit up. Liars always lie!

  32. The war with Iran will be fought for Israel and not one Israeli soldier will be wounded or die, because Israel wont take part in it, they'll get the Americans to do their dirty evil work again and the zionist controlled churches in America will tell their congregations they must send their son's and daughters to die for the political zionist state of Israel.

  33. teve Outrim is either dumb or he is some kinda disinfo trump ass kisser

  34. This is absolutely a false flag

  35. He looks like a man who made an oopsie and is about to explode with laughter.

  36. Metallic mines. How do put one on a ship moving? You don't, where was the ship docked? So many questions, to many issues here. This is not enough to make the issue to kill inocent people. Do not prepatrate a 911 false flag event. The American people are not going to fall for this again. President Trump reign in your deep state enemies. I smell (((''')))


  38. The same as Sept 11th…..do a dirty deed, and blame someone else!

  39. Well if Fatso says it it must be true! Where's that massive coronary infarction when you need one ??? He needs to consume a dozen jelly donuts daily… is Sea World missing one of its Manatees ?

  40. We have many ships in the area, they are watching everything we do, you think our Military and the controllers can see with all the technology who did the blast? It's all scripted and staged for the next Vietnam.

  41. GO TO GO TO TWITTER @ccaplanis


  43. Presstv says Iran saved survivors

  44. What does John Hagee have to say about this malicious and malevolent act of Islamo Iranio Terrorism/

  45. False Flags are great as long as it is an Israeli flag

  46. That’s awesome it gives us all the reason we need to send our troops into Iran so we can check another country off that list.i never had any doubt Iran would do something that would get itself destroyed by the undisputed Guinness record holder for most consecutive days while being engaged in armed conflict in one or more countries .I wouldn’t be a bit suprised if North Korea does something equally as suicidal and nonsensical in the near future.Its times like this I’m so happy we have veteran statesmen like Bolton and Pompeo to guide us through the rough waters ahead

  47. Bomb Iran mercilessly. Shut them down.

  48. The US needs a hefty kick up the arse from the rest of the world. Dumb fucks, don't they realize no one believes this shit, the entire world knows the US agenda

  49. Unlikely to be anything other than still one more stupidly incredible, unbelievable and now unreportable Anglozionist operation.
    Cui bono?
    UK, US, Israel, Saud.
    The same old gang.

  50. These lies are so obvious. It's unbelievable (((they))) think people are going to buy this garbage.

  51. Its obvious to a blind man that neither the Republicans nor Democrats run the government of the USA.


  53. No body will believe this bs anymore.

  54. Think it's someone stirring the pot my money is on Saudi wanting conflict price of oil goes up win win situation for the big players

  55. If this went into a court it would be laughed out before accusing you need concrete evidence and witnesses not assumptions

  56. The tankers in the pictures are sitting way too high in the water to be loaded as claimed by the media.

  57. Hey buddy, Iran SAID it would do EXACTLY what happened.

  58. Israel has 3 new nuclear powered submarines..

  59. Good, now we get to watch american patriots die overseas by the thousands!!!


  61. Typical. Everyone knows it's yet another false flag. Our dirty stupid government is a slave to a (((fanatical, racist state))) that always wants more war!!!!!!

  62. Perhaps it could be the deep state threatening Japan's thoughts of aligning/ buying Iranian oil.

  63. If Trump takes us to war, unless it is in our direct national interest, it will end his Presidency. The NeoCons/NeoLiberals et al desire a war with Iran, almost as much as they want one with Russia. So, it would be two birds with one stone.

    I think this was a false flag. It makes no sense otherwise.

    Let’s see what happens, if trump is taunted into war by evil people around him.

  64. Israeli special forces…?

  65. Iran is not that stupid.

  66. BULLSHIT Pompeo you chicken hawk!

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