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    Where is Google eyes David Seaman.

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    you are an absolute fucking idiot you serve no purpose ecxept you get in the way of real men trying to make a difference

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    It seems there is a move amongst youtube 'truthers' to be calling everybody a shill, is there any chance that LTV has the balls to say who they are? ive watched RDS many times and he seems to know his stuff and seems on the level, Zare you saying that channels like SGTreport or sarah westall are getting mugged off or are they also shill's because they have him on their quite regularly?
    The ramble you went on at the start of this show about your connection to defango was muddeled and conveluted.
    So why dont you fix the fuck up and have the bollocks to 'educate' us the 'great unwashed' public about who the shills are as we are clearly wasting our time watching most of the youtube truthers.
    I did enjoy LTV but for fucksake instead of calling people shills tells why they are and how you know it…..we all know you wont do that!!!

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    It's morons like Defango that will make people like Robert David Steele not want to be interviewed by anyone. Bravo you blithering dirtbag!

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    Wauw…you still living with your Dad

  6. Avatar

    Your Dad might kick you out? Shit

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    These people that value and believe in cryptocurrency are mind blowing. They have absolutely no understanding of what value is or apparently even what it means to say 'bubble'. The reason the value of cryptocurrency is rising is precisely BECAUSE it's a bubble. It's just like what happened with the housing market back between 01 and 08. You need REAL backing of something that PREVENTS bubble from taking place. There is nothing preventing other cryptocurrencies from coming out and people moving to them suddenly, and there is also nothing preventing the value of these cryptocurrencies to plummet. THE CRYPTOCURRENCIES HAVE NO INTRINSIC VALUE. For God's sakes they are literally nothing but 1's and 0's. At least with fiat you get a piece of paper.

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    RDS is definitely a blowhard

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    Well, I take it that the entire alternative media, rumor mill, nincompoop whorehouse is as such on the whole, writ large,…you avaricious dumb dumbs. Too many names to name, and you are all equally pathetic. This was an epic waste of time. Hearing DeFatso only get catty and honest about his true feelings about Steele was too telling. DeFatso already didn't like his content to begin with but, since RDS is "hot" right now on the Youtube and DeFatso can get mucho paytreon money, on the show he went; no real principles, DeFatso just wants $. What a fucking sowing/circle jerk you guys haven't just became. You always, only ever were nothing but money grubbers and worse, I strongly suspect. So, hearing DeFatso get his ego hurt by another lame fatso wasn't "epic". To reiterate and in closing, you all equally suck ass; done with this silly shit…

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    Crypto is so obviously the way to push us to a cashless society and almost no one can see it

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    I can't stand Defango….or Titus frost. Ugh!

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    What a boring load of shit YOU are

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    Fango is Jesuit… Jesuits, Rothschilds, House of Habsburg, Order of Malta are all part of this… It's the Unholy Roman Empire rising from the ashes… Vatican II

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    You fool. Robert David Steele wasn’t a shil. He was a soldier in bringing awareness to child trafficking, trafficking victims and the deep state. I have to question whether that’s why he’s dead now. Covid my ass.

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