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    Last girlfriend of 7 years. No birth control.. current wife of 10 years, no birth control. They can both be absolutely insane for no reason regularly. They both acknowledge this too.

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    Shocked you question HAMAS rape stories!!!

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    4:56 That story is probably brought to us by Olezempic;)

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    If anyone was expecting any actual truthful information to come from the epstein documents, i have a bridge ill sell you.

    They claimed epstein committed suicide in a prison cell at the exact same time that surveillance cameras randomly stopped… get real.. how stupid can people be to really expect for anything truthful to be disclosed when his supposed suicide was a complete farce.

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    This is what I'm finding from my reading of the documents. Yep, massages were like handshakes in that weird Epstein world. I mean it does read like "Hi, how are you, you wanna a massage?" "Whata'ya want for breakfast? We got cereal, orange juice massage? Which?" You can't escape massage talk reading through these documents.

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    How we lookin? Can you confirm that Kermit the Frog is on the Epstein list?

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