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    Do the story about the EPSTEIN VICTIMS FUND SCAM!!
    if a victim accepts money from this fund they are barred from suing Any of the other conspiritors, the government or their abusers!!!
    This is a travisty NOT many are covering!!!

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    This is an obvious distraction attempt. What are they distracting you from? That is the question.

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    I watched you since you drove alone somewhere at night ?? Brain fart! Scary, slept in your car!!

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    I think the last caller was Epstein with a voice scrambler…

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    not today. on the 21 on januari

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    Where are all your videos gone from years ago ?

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    Don't we already pretty much know who's on it and what will be done about it?

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    Why soo many redacted? Prince now being a king , what are remaing ones ?

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