Facebook is now using AI to monitor your Facebook Live streams for “suicide risk” and will send first responders to your house if they deem you to be at risk during a live broadcast.

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    Very good LtV. This video makes it feel even better having left Facebook.
    I think you're great. Your tag line is apt: Always honest. Even though you like everybody else sometimes are wrong. And you may even be "usually right". Much love!

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    So glad I said goodbye to Facebook…i found peace.

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    This kind of reminds me of the new law in 3 states where the police do not have to get a warrant to bust in your house and destroy it for whatever reason or suspiciousness. This ain't kool at all!!

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    I found this out today and deactivated my FB. I suggest everyone does the same, file it under privacy, and offer an explanation.
    I am not okay with FaceBook monitoring me, or my thoughts.

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    As with all automation it can be exploited too by anyone smart enough 😉

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    This is pretty crazy. It could have multiple implications tied to it. I imagine the snooping has been going on for years but this is just them saying they’re going to use it to their advantage. Sounds to me it could tie into the gun issue as well.

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    "We're from the Government. We're here to Help you."

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    How decent of FB to create suicidal thoughts and then check your ok.. The world is mad!

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    I was joking with someone on the phone from the post office and I was just getting into a shower, having a drink and suddenly I had a knock at the door. The US postal service reported me to the police! I was laughing my butt off, had to cover up – was half naked. At that time I was feeling really nervous and just wanted them to leave. Looking back at this now, it really pisses me off. It was about 1 year and a half ago. terrible and bullshit. Some ass was stealing my mail and address and I generally have a sarcastic sense of humor. I was having some dude try to break in my apt. too. So I thought they found the guy so I let them in.

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    We're sent by SmashFace. We're here to help. Put your hands behind your back.

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    I'll just bet that only truther's will be a target for this and as you know first hand it will be another form of control.

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    Must see and reflect. This is now in effect. The story even fluttered by me when I first saw it. Facebook AI can now send cops to your door to conduct a "wellness check" to see if your thoughts as reflected in your posts are suicidal or unwell.

    The USSR dealt with its dissidents through their "mental health" system. They were jailed and drugged.

    Think of the news stories about suicidal dissidents who fought the cops or were suicided when they knocked on the door to check on their wellness.

    The demand for alternatives to MSSM will explode like the cryptos.

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    This whole thing based on lies of staged events. Google got caught last week using Android location even though people had location turned off on phone.

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    Good video. Who pays for a first responsor if they are a contracted first responder like in a lot of smaller communities? This AI of course has nothing to do with suicide threat but to monitor those who know SH, Orlando, Vegas and Steve Stephens Facebook killer events are staged.

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    ok, I'll bite. It's 2020 and where are we with all this now?

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