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    The Cambridge Analytica revelation has been wheeled out by the MSM because Russiagate has led nowhere. Once the Cambridge Analytica rabbit hole is also found to go nowhere, the Obama-led DeepState will find another scapegoat for the Hillary debacle. Hillary spent $10 billion on her campaign but lost because the electorate were convinced she was a criminal and warmonger.

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    n8, you said it previously = 1984/orwell. so i have a suggestion: don't fall for calling the current leftist politics 'marxist.' marx was materialist, like gender critical radfems (you know, the ones getting rape and death threats from the transcult). marx gave great class analysis. please consider naming the current left pomo/postmodern, b/c that is whence this horseshit came. thx.

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    Thanks for clearing this up. I was wondering what all the hullabaloo was about. It also smells like more 'crisis' to step up control over social media.

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    My Truth Matters t-shirt arrived and it's all that it was promised to be. Very nice quality and super fast shipping. Thanks for that LTV in this world of scams it's nice to feel good about a purchase. The little things matter too.

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    Maybe they should suspend the SPLC or the ADL?

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    I'm super sick of talking my 73 year old mother down on a daily basis because of all this stupid crap.

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    at least your honest about being a shill

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    Just to let you know, I’ve been subscribed to your channel for maybe two months and all of a sudden became unsubscribed. I don’t know if that means anything to you. I do see your content on steemit as well. Thx

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    #1. The DNC did no less with their ability, as Chelsea Clinton did (per Quinn talk with Jason Goodman).
    #2. There were MANY documentaries and books regarding the EVIL Clinton's PLUS the Benghazi trial. The point is that 'maybe' if the Dems had a better candidate then Trump may not have won the election. But they didn't so he won.
    I voted for Trump because my choice was limited between the two of them. To not vote or to vote for an 'off' candidate would have given her my vote. She was NEVER going to get my vote!!! NEVER.
    But I never once felt pressured by any commercial or outside influence other than my own research.

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    Several years have passed by and I just realized you have an IMDb profile….hmm…serious degradation to the veracity of your information, credibility, and trustworthiness.

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    every president of the us is selected not elected include trump.

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    So what if I don’t support the left nor the right?

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    Ya, dude's got pink hair… this was a Deep State Lefty Libtard set-up. Guy is an idiot. Love your show Jason.

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    Facebook is in the shilling business. Hillary would have gotten the same treatment.. I doubt it.

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