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    This first Republic news feels huge to me. And meanwhile all major corps have been having massive layoffs for weeks and weeks. And on top of that a.i. is taking over the tech world. Crazy times

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    Is it worth it to stream everyday for 1k views per video? At a certain point something has to change either the content creator or the content.

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    People like Bermas,Crowder and Redacted have 20 to 30 percent of their YT viewers on rumble.
    If you aren't reaching those ratios you are doing it wrong.

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    Your hair looks good cut bro.

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    Haircut makes your mental capacities look sound. Im gonna cut my hair tomorrow. Woot. Huuuump dayyy

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    the last american vagabond has a very accurate timeline vis-avis the cv plot … do not make assumptions about what was said and when, check it out

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    I think the fears of banking collapse and CBDC announcements are exaggerations made by millionaire and billionaire crypto investors so they can sell their useless crypto. The US dollar isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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