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    So happy to see you on !!

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    Used some crypto to invest in gamestop @ 25 last week, sold for 50 today. I have another buy set at $25, taking advantage of its volatility. HODL bitcoin, not GME

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    Long time no see, sorry i missed the live

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    I really don't think you got to the topic of "Biden's poop" as stated in the title.
    Except for ff through broken foot call, extended talk of GameStop, maybe more, I listened to entirety.
    Did I miss it ?

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    You got mojo back! Whoo hoo! Things looking up, right on

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    Hi n8 good to see you streaming man, I almost never catch a show now.

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    Playing the intro 48 mins into the show: "Boy, that's brilliant".

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    Nice to see you Nathan. Show goes on every time.

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    Who would have guessed people want to avoid facing reality and bury their heads in a false reality. Like video games.
    Weed, alcohol and other hard drugs will also skyrocket in profit. Enjoy!

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    hope you and katie are doing great nathan been missing the show but you have to do what works for you guys

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