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    Dude you need to come back brother.

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    woohoo! Glad to finally see you on Odysee!

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    I really upset your not finding us. . Ltv just released I just typed l tv

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    Love you brother please broadcast

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    pLadmeic agenda: to reset the failing fiat system into a digital currency & massive tracking & surveillance surrounding it.

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    yes.. let it rip, just like the batflu took out influenza
    the Omicron adaptation will possibly take out Delta
    and become an innocent disease only causing Fauci
    to fart toxic bowel fumes.

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    Wow your still around super surprised

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    Time to move to poop shoot

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    Why no Rock fin ??? Or whatever website link

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    Luckily my whole family are pretty conservative ..I'm off course the black sheep conspiracy theorist but slowly I'm bringing them to the truth.

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    I'm no expert but this is a fun time to be alive

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    People in South Africa have no idea about this virus of "theirs". This variant is non existent in the public awareness.

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    Just so you know. There is no global panic over a new variant. That's just what Big Pharma wants you to think. They want you to believe that most people think forced injections are good. Don't believe the lies. Most people, sane people, are anti-mandate.

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    this channel is part of the propaganda , nathan is not a honest guy , he is part of a psyop , always has been ,

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    Oh… And Latin so it is not pronounced the same as Xi would in Chinese. It is pronounced zee.

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    If they used the SKU# to QR code to register stolen products they could make a database for people to check goods .

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    I see you have Odysee on the opening title screen, but haven't posted there since August. That's the censorship-free place to be!

    They call this new 'scariant' Omicron because the size is 0 microns – as in it's non-existent.

    Belated Thanksgiving poem:

    Happy thanks and giving
    Presently we're living
    In a dark, or golden, age
    (It depends on where you're sitting)

    Governments are aging
    And tyrants have been waging
    War against the modern world
    (Upon our rights they're shitting)

    Modern worlds are shifting
    As the fog of war is lifting
    What was hidden now is seen
    (Apocalypse seems fitting)

    Rulers show their two-face
    Quickening their snails pace
    Incrementalism dashed
    (Their Great Reset is hitting)

    Masks are wearing thinly
    As a light appears just dimly
    Freedom once again takes hold
    (When people stop submitting)

    The voice of free-willed People
    Will wake up sleeping sheeple
    The silenced dark feeds lively light
    (The Truth is now transmitting)

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    What Happened To You Stolpman…… Where Have You Been Hiding & Why ………

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    They are just hoping the new variant works as well as they designed it!

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