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    Rumble live videos hang up after two sitting thru 2 commercials. You are forced to reload page to fix and it makes you sit thru 2 more ads.
    One minute into some of the videos it's hangs up and have to reload and another pair of commercials.
    I was rooting for them. Now I call them scumble.

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    Keep it comin Nathan – all the best Bro x

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    if its soooo good why hasnt Elon had the chip??
    make Him the canary in the coal mine ..
    hes full of the talk
    lets see if he walks ..

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    Play up the Jewish card if you think you're being discriminated for being a white male.

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    I've got a credit score of 187….

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    12:13 i recognize that driveway from when some guy pooped in it

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    It's good to see you in such good spirit Nathan, God bless you

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    I don't believe Elon's story about putting a brain chip in anyone. Why do most people just believe what he says without need of evidence?

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    Their bringing Michael Obama in around April!

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    Jason Bermas did a watch along of a presentation (the speech was in 2012 or so..can't recall exact yr) by chief Nasa scientist (Dennis Bushnell). The watch along was maybe a yr or 2 ago. At the time of the presentation, D. Bushnell said that there were already something like 100,000 people walking around with the brain chip. By the time the public sees a technology, they've already had it for over 40 years (Also mentioned in the presentation).

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    187? code or hint for California PC 187 is the penal code for murd3r. Sounds like Pelosi has a dirty plan thats not related to insider trading….

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