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  1. poor kappy. he was mentally unstable but seemed like an okay silly guy i guess. I wonder why fionna barnett hasnt come out and said anything about kappy.

  2. Can you do a vedio about what's going on with Robert, Michael Dade, Kappy. Robert supposedly hung himself today. What's going on Nathan! Unirock played a part in this Also. Please do a show on this ASAP!!!

  3. Stephen Colbert is Podestda brothers tool and fellow pedo friend

  4. Hi – Nathan (& pets).

    I think pedo-philia & the secret rooms go back even further. // You might look into Steve Hodel – who investigated his father's supposed affiliation with the "Black Dahlia"-murder. // It was mentioned – that George Hodel had a secret room in his 'Holly-wood' mansion (the residence was modeled after a Mayan-temple); and George would share his daughter with guests (including director John Huston). // Huston would (as well) play a pedo. – in the "China-Town"-movie (in 1974).

    #1 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Hodel
    #2 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Sowden_House
    #3 : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071315/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1

    A second case (I wanted to bring up) – is to show about more of 'Holly-wood's pattern of past-behavior. (This-one isn't about pedos., but about the rape of a dancer.) // If you haven't seen "Girl 27" (about Patricia Douglas) – it's more revelation of the crimes behind the industry.

    #4 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girl_27
    #5 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaMzzWKiYk8 (An over-view of the incident.)


    Strange – to witness the rise and fall of Isaac. // Most assuredly – he won't be forgotten.

    (Sat., 6-1-19) (11:38 p.m.)

  5. Alex Jones guests who expose sexual exploitation seem to have a habit of dying.

  6. Why you seem so tense Nathan

  7. Anyone who's willing to normalize pedophilia is nothing but a real fucking piece of shit. Isaac Kappy is a big hero for speaking out against this extreme monstrosity. I'm not so sure about Macaulay Culkin being a Satanist. He might be. But I have to be neutral about him. Especially since Macaulay already exposed actor Rami Malek for eating babies.

  8. All that talk about dates are irrelevant pedophiles are pedophiles all year round . And why do you feel it's so important Nathan for you to show to tell that you were one of the ones that put out Isaac Kappy and was covering the story and what not it doesn't f**** matter the truth is the truth and it won't change nothing about him being murdered because he exposing these motherfuking pedophiles.

  9. Robert The Deplorable has been found in his uncles garage, 'unresponsive', so it seems like somebody has got to him. In Robert's last video he said that he was scared and that if he ends up dead it was murder (sounds like we have heard that before somewhere eh). The uncle reports:

    "He is not gone yet, they say its not good, but is the minimum brain activity that is above the threshold to stop life support, that can rapidly go downhill in these circumstances, but the Dr said, if you pray, pray now. So if you can, please do"

  10. July 2018 was a CRAZY time! I remember stuff floating around about Tom Hanks, James Gunn, Franklin Graham, and so many others! I can’t even remember it all. It was wild! Seemed like something new was coming out everyday.

    I was on Twitter back then (had to quit just for my own sanity). I spoke with Isaac a few times. He was always so nice and so loving towards his followers. It truly felt like a family, especially in the beginning. He’d even hug the camera during his live-streams.

    Whether everything he said was true or not, I don’t know. But I think his heart was in the right place. I have a pretty intense “bullshit meter” and I never got bad vibes from him. He seemed like a genuine human being just trying to do the right thing. Sadly, I think the issues he wanted to tackle are bigger than all of us…

    I can’t even process the fact that he’s gone…like it truly doesn’t seem real. I get too upset when I think about it, so I try not to. I barely knew him and I miss him. The world needs more genuine people, and it’s sad that it seems like it’s always the people who are trying to promote peace, love, and TRUTH, are the ones who live the shortest lives.

    RIP Isaac. You always said that you just wanted to live in a world where children aren’t taken advantage of. I hope someday we can finally have a world like that…rest easy, man ❤️

  11. Watch your back there Nathan. A bandana made deals with the devil…he's pulling all punches. No wonder his acting career tanked. Dude is not even a good liar. Careful who you believe because some don't have a soul.

  12. I remember that interview. He was trying to talk to you but you kept interrupting him. He rolled his eyes in frustration.

  13. if Kappy was talking bs then why did none of the celebrities he publicly called out as pedophiles sue him or take any legal action against him for slander if what he was claiming was lies.

  14. Will there be any response videos about unirocks research regarding you, Mikey and the "deplorable"?

  15. Nathan, can you update us on Robert TD, and Mikey? I heard RTD was found unconscious (UNIROCK DOXX) and an attempt was made on Mikeys life. WTF?

  16. Q never once mentioned Tom Hanks Dummies!

  17. Dunno about Macaulay because that throws Michael Jackson under the bus …. who’s to say that Mac wasn’t switched out and cloned…. Michael Jackson’s music is literally a Bible and a protectant for children …. fact …. Michael was murdered because of songs like we are the world so just chill on that part . Satanic? Wicken maybe , Paris is all hippy and is deep into that wicken stuff so just evaluate this with a less prejudice . Because if we had the internet back then when Michael was first accused the world would have known he already had a child. Who is about 40 years old now .. but you didn’t till I just told you because you just have your heads up your ass Michael Jackson’s first born son is named OMER BHATTI

  18. The part where he went crazy about that Facebook Illuminati page…. it’s a scam that’s getting people that need attention I know someone who been paying them like thousands of dollars every year because they promise him this stuff but he literally has more bad luck than anyone I ever knew beside myself…. algorithms can drive you insane and gangstalking… KAPPY could have just been driven crazy by what he knew

  19. Lol the 15 year old was Probably the drug dealer

  20. I would like to know what other Hollywood stars actually think when they see the fucked up posts/photos Hanks posts on Twitter, anyone with half a brain must think “aw c’mon man, what the actual fuck?”…….kids shoes? Gloves? They think they’re so untouchable they ram it in folks faces the DEPLORABLE CUNTS

  21. Stop posting about Isaac you fucking piece of shit

  22. Isaac lost so much money on Robinhood lol. He's a fucking terrible investor

  23. He screwed up bigly…

  24. Notice the wooden Phoenix above I.K.

  25. What do you think of the bathhouse video that was supposedly leaked by him? Regardless of who took it the video has dark implications.

  26. Thanks for the backstory. Excellent show will be watching more from you and sharing

  27. YOu're not alt-right?? ARe you anti-White????

  28. There is a line between real child abuse and what can be considered art or comedy or literature or a sarcastic statement in reference to child abuse ectect..
    When I saw the Dan Harmon babyraper clip I obviously thought :
    " Wow. What a real epic POS…"
    I foundzero humor in that .
    However ,he is towing the " line" I have just commented about.
    Yes.i am aware of the pedo activity n aware of the hidden lingo n "jokes" they use to hide in plain sight.
    But I'm interested in hearing more about how we should approach these things while "still preserving our free speech"
    Im an artist and I am very PRO free speech
    The idea that by telling sumonelike Dan Harmon that he's not allowed to make that clip and to tell artists what they can do w their creativity is affective to artistic freespeech in general
    Same as FBs bullshit "hatespeech" policy.
    It's censorship .
    If we don't want to watch sumthing we choose to not watch it .
    My point I guess lol is how do we approach these broad and complex Waters of Free Speech ?
    Shits deep
    Hope I explained that w some level of clarity

  29. So sad for Kappy. Think he understood on day one it would get bad. Reckon he was brave.

  30. However. ! If I ever found it was a total phsyop ???

  31. Why does Defango use the same hypnotic green screen background as Unicock. Very suspicious!

  32. Miss your u tube stuff so much. The other formats not so good. Can't access it as good over here.

  33. You are brave too Jason. I'm sure I can't speak for everyone but most of us watching think your work is good..!

  34. Nathan: did you take screen shots of Isaac’s twitter, documenting it? Because I thought he was banned from Twitter?

  35. Hope something can stop all this bad stuff

  36. Is exposing it. Somehow. Normalising it. ??Coz it was something I've not even thought about that often.?? Does that make sense ??? Not saying it shouldn't be exposed. Catch 22 ,i suppose

  37. interesting that aj said he's been to "big" parties where there were 15-yr old girls with "weirdo creepy lawyers, and like you know, can I get a martini, I'm 15!" interesting choice of words.


  39. EVERYTHING is hermetic theater. Not saying this guy's accusations are not legit, but at the same time you have to realize they bring out people like him to freak everyone out, add to the chaos, and then vanish. This is how they play the BIGGER game. The sociopaths are extremely adept at manipulating both sides, and have been doing so for thousands of years.

  40. Dude you should have warned about that scene!!!!!! More than saying just a trigger alert !!wtf!!

  41. Thank you for full coverage. Sad he is gone.

  42. R.I.P. issac, may Angels protect you.

  43. I wish to God i had not seen this video – it is beyond sick and i dont think you should have showed that on here without warning us what we would be seeing . . . . .It is enough to make anyone watching feel suicidal – I cant believe anyone could be SO vile and evil . . . .

  44. Has anyone tried to see if any vids of Isaacs can be decoded, maybe he left easter eggs for truthers.

  45. Everthy needs to be reposted

  46. You have a choice; the Torah or the talmud , my choice would be Torah.

  47. We need a get-back! God and country; in that order.

  48. L T V is a jealous Trump hater…
    You are no friend to Kappy
    God will put you all in hell

  49. Sell any t shirts you creep

  50. Gooftube needs to come down off it's high horse before it has no horse. Keep up the good work.

  51. The T.hankx glove pic on rt.66 cannot be coincidence…and why does he use an X at the end of his name? He's To old be "cool" it's BECAUSE X equals 6, and he is high order mason scum!

  52. What happened with vegan mikey?

  53. Someone must of slipped lift the veil some dollars. He try's to push Issacs Allegations onto Michael Jackson and alledging leaving Neverland the joke of the year proves Macully is the pediphile and implys his pizza song's could be for pizzagate. This came out of nowhere. Leaving neverlands prob going to get an award for best comedy. Is Michael Jacksons Nam and the joke on them movie their only hope. Or has blame Michael Jackson always been the first tatic in the rinse and repeat phamplet and their back to it. Clearly unable to think of anything new this must be the getaway plan. Blame Michael some more and get away. Did he mention smoke and fire I saw an awful lot of tweeting about their being smoke and fire in California yesterday. Blaming Michael Jackson won't clear their name. Is throwing out Mack's name who has repeadetly said under oath he was never used mean let blame Macully and say hes pizza gate now. How bout another documentry. Well hopefully he got a large patron donation.byeah let's just say the man who swore under oath as a man he was never abused an maintains that he wasn't abused at all was abused because it worked so well last time. Im going to be surprised ifit turns out Dan didn't purposely make that video so bad on purpose.

  54. I am a grown man, and I don't know anyone who would "joke" about eating babies (the rock), pedophilia, or any other vile things these people do. Too many people are saying the same thing. Use discretion & discernment. I think where many people get lost is the spiritual significance it has. If I hadn't seen the things I did at a young age I wouldn't believe most these claims probably either. Even the worst criminals despise child abusers which is why they get what they do in prison. So who would make light of any situation like that?

  55. He said something about letting the public down What did he do so bad?

  56. Look at old robot chicken episodes.. it makes sense regarding seth

  57. Why has Kappy's twitter account been suspended? Someone tagged him in something from May 26 but it has since been suspended. Who took it upon themselves to do that?

  58. Nice all seeing eye symbolism all over Isaac kappys brothers (David) murals ,even a photo of him showing one eye, what a treat
    I must be the only person to have checked him out

  59. Didnt Isaac Kappy state emphatically in one of his videos, that he was not suicidal in any way, and that if he were later found dead, that it would not have been by suicide??

  60. he sounds like nick diaz

  61. Word around the web is Kappy's DMS was released march 20th, masked within his song!

  62. I just found out yesterday that Issac is dead. I don’t even know what to think….

  63. Where is the Fiona B video? I can't seem to find it. Did it get removed?

  64. Fucking sick show time is so fucked up!!!! Gross rat bastards. The guy even acting in this stunt should be guillotine. Any loser who would do this to a child or just do this to anybody what lowlife fucking animals you are. I feel you guys should suffer and not die too quickly. Almost die revive almost die revive. There’s so many things I would do to you guys just for doing this you cowards. This is sickening

  65. The Seth Green comment was totally a joke, no?

  66. Seth Rich, Chris Cornell, and Isaac Kappy are martyrs in the war. We will expose every last predator.

  67. wtf did I watch at 16:45 ,??/ what a disgusting man

  68. Great time line. Thank you

  69. We are gunna string em all up and feed them thar own cocks

  70. Christians are not pussies, we are warriors

  71. Funny how fake news can debunk something by just saying far right conspiracy.
    Don't go by us. Go by what these sick people say . Do your own research .
    Brian selter hahaha. He Deff likes the bum


  73. I really wish Kappy would have had the presence of mind to wire himself and record his observations. Obviously they trusted him. He could have gotten us hard evidence instead of the usual heresay. When the hell will another prime opportunity arise?Now he's dead and there's nothing to show for it. So we just get to keep speculating and get called kooks while the pervs get away with it all.

  74. Stop necromancing
    I know what you are
    What you are doing
    It's cringe times infinity

  75. Eat shit and die lift the veal

  76. PLEASE Nathan listen to Isaac's song "THE PRESENT " over on "Event Zero ch" and bring it back. EVERYONE would LOVE to hear it, thank you. He was leaving this song for us, he sang it fantastically.

  77. This sure is a poor choice for a tribute pic. Wow.

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