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  1. The left appears to be taking a well calculated dive in this upcoming election. Trump is doing such a great job neutralizingthe right side of the phony left right paradigm why would they want him replaced?

  2. More than half white? Obama was allegedly half white, but instead of uniting the races in that fact, he chose to identify largely as black.

  3. She has had plenty of black in her!!

  4. Of course she is not Black American/NO pride in who she is – DO you think she is proud of being American – I don't think so/a lot of people of color who are Legal who were welcomed and given every opportunity under the American Laws are now fighting to change ALL THOSE Laws – spiteful is what I call it/feeling you are & have suffered being black – I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU – YOU HAVE A CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER & ARE USING IT to GAIN AFRICAN AMERICAN VOTES – PERCEPTION IS YOUR DOWNFALL – NOW QUESTION THAT,,!!!!!

  5. She is a Black cocksucker. Willie Brown.
    If you rob a bank, you’re a bank robber
    If you snatch a purse, you’re a purse snatcher
    If you suck Black cock, you a Black cocksucker, for the rest of your life.

  6. She's OKKK with me if she be Kool with 2Pack…strait ☝
    She's my Nigga now.

  7. Warren calling for censorship= we suffer her way of error in spirit.

  8. So Christian conservatives are alt right now? Got it. Where do I get my membership card?

  9. We need to know! Are the Lips… Pink or Brown?

  10. An absurdity! How can this man not KNOW the difference between Race and ethnicity? How? Mind blogging! A lot of Blacks up HERE have the concept if you were not born here in the States, YOU ARE not Black.

  11. she isn't black …bitch!!!

  12. They are all fake, liars and corrupt!

  13. If someone do Blackface in America…is me Qualified for my Benny's like those Undocumented Illegals?

  14. OMG!!!!…did I just agree w/ Don Lemon?????/…….

  15. One things for sure..She's a TRANNY

  16. 21 Savage is a Black-Brit. Kamala is Jamaican. Wtf is so difficult about this?

  17. Barack Obama, had one parent white so white American label him black. So Kamala Harris has one parent black so white white American label her black. It have been that way for over 100 years. When black men made babies in Vietnam they label all those kids black

  18. Kamala Harris: father was a Jamaican born Professor of Economics at UC Berkley (home of culture creation) and mother, another DOCTOR of Philosophy (lol) born in India to diplomat parents. She's definitely no descendent of slave.. and like Obummer, shes couldn't be further from the African American experience let alone the middle class one due to her very priveleged elitist upbringing. Anyway, for all you folks who believe in voting, make sure ya do the research.

  19. If they don’t give us Tulsi then I’ll be forced to vote for Trump again. “Tulsi or Else 2020”.

  20. A black, white supremacist calling out an Indian, Jamaican who is running against a white Native American for the office of President of the United States. Weird ..

  21. Kamala was born a male.

  22. I wish you would make vids on bitchute

  23. Is she wins. We will riot.

  24. What does it matter what colour she is? What about her character? Is she fit to hold the office?

    The whole colour, sexuality, ze/zem crap is boring and a massive distraction!

  25. Many Jamaicans are black.

  26. Lets see her birth certificate.

  27. No. She is Jamaican and Tamal Indian from India/Sri Lanka/Malaysia etc.

  28. She married a plain white dude.

  29. Anthony Brian Logan and other black youtubers have been pointing this out as well. Hard to fib to the American public these days.

  30. It’s true. Here is a copy of her certified birth certificate and to date no one has found proof that her parents were US citizens at the time of her birth. Anchor babies are not eligible to hold the Office of President as they are not NBCs. https://patriots4truth.org/2019/03/11/kamala-harris-is-an-anchor-baby-and-she-is-not-black/

  31. YouTube keeps putting me on autoplay and keeps trying to slip in news channels like NBC News, Fox News, CBS News, etc. So I had to unsubscribe from all of the mainstream news channels in order to get to some of the channels that I actually like.

  32. for those of you who havnt caught on yet…! this hole thing with obama, warrn, now harris… birther/dna testing is a massive op on everyone!!! cause we see our so called "leaders" doing the "honest" thing and get dna tested…to prove who you really are!! will be coming for "you" next!! all will be getting blood drawn to grab your gene pool… to see if your allowed to be alive or have kin. "gatica"… is alive and well, or "the thinning". and cali passed bills for all this yrssssss ago!! but… the big problm for the ngo's/ people is trying to figure out how to convince you to give your dna up. and once you do,,, the state will "appont" a cpa agent to help you raise the child because, they "patented" and copy righted the blood. so….. f@ck this story, you as a indivdle have a large discn to make in the near future.

  33. If she was born here, shes American. But since dems wanna play identity politics, ita fair friggin game. African American means you were born in America and Africa at the exact same time. Black Americans are not automatically " African Americans ". They are Americans. Just Americans if they were born on the soil.

  34. Liar! Americans are so sick of these liars. Kamala Harris isn’t black at all! Shame on the liberals!

  35. She was claiming she was black? I never thought she was. I thought she was just being a pro-multicultural SJW. So, IMO, she's not black. She's Jamaican-American.

  36. Look at her record as AG in SF.

  37. Being Hispanic doesnt mean you're from puerto Rican, Don Lemon. Sigh. Wtf is wrong with people and why cant they get this concept. You're of the nation where you were born, UNLESS you appropriately applied to live in another and you want to claim that.

  38. Tech companies will protect us from the first amendment..

  39. The Tranny Kamala Harris is not black Im sorry but I do not consider him black. Yea hes not black.

  40. The Tranny Meghan Markel isnt Black either. Yea hes not black .

  41. Isn’t it funny that some people just dying to get into America and once here don’t call themselves simply Americans??

  42. What about her affair with Willie Brown et al. She slept her way to the top.

  43. Good catch. She played the race card, and may have to fold.

  44. I will tell you who I consider black Whoopi Goldberg , Oprah Winfrey , Jennifer hudson , Whitney Houston, Brandy, Samuel, Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx , Now those are Actual Black African American people. Kamala Harris is not black either is Meghan Markle point blank.

  45. Kamala Harris is Hilary 2.0, she thinks parents should go to jail if their kids are absent and wants to collect guns door to door

  46. Its not racist to say Kamala Harris isnt black.

  47. Kamala Harris, regardless of her color/heritage, is bread of the corrupt, Orwellian power structure of the San Francisco Bay Area, Nathan and myself's hometown, where she was banging then SF Mayor Willie Brown to get ahead in the political game. She's a well connected, shadow government plant with her paws deep in the globalist litter box, so much so, that she was partially tasked with the protection of Jussie Smollet and the entirely rigged, pre-planned, fake attack, in the true essence of "divide and conquer," a tactic used in just about every aspect of society/the matrix. She should be considered dangerous to societal well-being, even though she's a pawn, a useful idiot in the grand scheme of things, and even worse, power and fame hungry.

  48. That dude really does look like Sammy Davis jr. Oh, I said it right away

  49. uGGH… Jamaicans are descendants of slaves. They just happened to have won their freedom sooner than slaves in The United States.

  50. Not getting ANY D-Live notifications of your videos. I have an account, I follow you. Suggestions to get notifications?

  51. To answer your Question. No.

  52. Black ~ White OR Brindle … SHE LIES

  53. Anyone else having a problem with the youtube re direct to dlive?

  54. This is getting ridiculous.
    We're getting to the point where people are going to demand to see the candidates' DNA test results, like we demand to see candidates tax returns.
    Categorizing people is always wrong.
    Everyone is an individual, and saying that someone's DNA disqualifies from something in some way is the ultimate expression of racism.
    Yet it will still be wrong to classify people as male or female by their DNA.

    Our society has truly lost its collective mind.

  55. No. Shes brown, like South American Brown, Indian, not African, or part South American Indian, or Indo Asian, part Caucasian, part African mixed,

  56. no…she's an American…if want polarity of the races to stop, we need to stop placing adjectives in front of our nationality….

  57. So Jamaicans are African background, so she is part African black /Jamaican black, not North American African black

  58. Typical liberal. Just like Warren. She's not Indian but used it to "steal" education. Obama did it. Barry Soetoro with a fake ssn for stealing his education. Liberals are disgusting, disgraceful and can't be honest about anything.

  59. Kamala Harris is not black her mother is from India like with the dot on forehead and her father is an islanders from jamaica. Her own father said he would not vote for this snake who plays with married willies!

  60. She's not black! She's playing the race card!!! Neither mother nor father is African American!!!!!!

  61. Her husband isn’t white, he’s Jewish!

  62. no, she's a groid commie

  63. No…she is a he and so is Tulsi Gabbard…

  64. She’s not a descendant of American Slaves. She’s not ADOS and does not have the interest of black America at heart. (Just like Obama who was another non black American). Black America will sit out the 2020 election and Trump will win the next election.

    By the way you guys are well behind the curve. Professor Black Truth, The Black Authority and Tariq Nasheed covered this months ago!

  65. I've gone both to Twitch and Dlive … and just now Bitchute.
    I will follow you to Bitchute. I don't have the means to watch long live-streams, but can watch and share the shorter wrap-ups.
    I'm pissed at Youtube too, the bastards.

  66. Her family is from Puerto Rico, not Jamacia… She isn't black at all. Black comes from Africa, she's has no african blood. Not Black. She's a pig whore, full of huberis.

  67. ONE QUESTION: Were her parents citizens when she was born? If not, she is NOT ELIGIBLE.

  68. Was Jamaica not slaves at one time? … didnt the natives have a bitch of a time too?….. Was any current American Blacks born as slaves? … Doesnt the public see her the same when she walks down the road ….. She doesnt seem to be far off American Black or What ever, same deal at this point in history.

  69. Kamala is an anchor baby.

  70. I don't know if it has any black heritage the Kamala Harris is obviously a man drag. People are dumb. if you saw that thing in a bar Greenwich Village you would have no doubt.

  71. I tried to get an account at D live with no luck!!

  72. Oh dear are you going to have to get a job Nathan??? Lol talking about LARPS on your dlive??? From the King of LARPS himself!!!!

  73. creepy dom Lemmon is not right…

    His whole agenda is to formate the racequestion respective the racewar…

    both – Harris and worst dilettantic drugged up journalist of the century are bastards…. and fulfill all old racial stereotypes – out of the times of everybodies bastard Kalergi….

    bad bad charakters – bad bad behaviour…

    he always appears as a rolemodel – babylonian idol – but noone can stand him….

    here again he schools plays the pope in racequestions… and interrupts and schools his guests…. like one which never went to joutnalistic education….

    he here mixes all up….. the heratage of the people – from germany, from jamaika – from africa… being katholic, being muslem – without his invisible handlers the JEWS – who play now the racecard…. always minority – always hiding behind proxie warriors….

    and – i observe these things over decades – why is the guy from AfriSynergyNews – so much more authentic and sympatic….?????????? than these sumbags in the hands of the clinton cronies.???? which are neoliberal scum – which sell out the demtard plantage… holding them some goodies under the noses….

    are you learnresistent? after rosemaries baby Obama raped the country over eight long years??????

    Its social engeneering – desperatley they want their clients paint black in the cage….

    may be if you are a Jew – what i believe – your are out of it…. but with the appearence of the black leader Luther king – for some ten thousand dollars in chicago – the former neighbourhouds – which were polish or form Lithauen or other heratage and language defined themselves as white – flew the city – went to the little towns – lost the battle…

    dom asshole Lemmon is evil.. he mixes here the aspects up….

    a megaasshole… sorry… a sodomite – united with neoliberal agenda…. with narzizistic attitude… a stupid dilettant…
    measure them on their behaviour…. the rat camela harris from casting couch of an olligarch trashed the members of her comunity…. and she comes from Jamaika – her family owned slaves…. they are tartuffes… lyers with chuzpe…. unbelivible…

  74. Remember kids. They're not white, they're )ewish

  75. Kamala Harris is just another nugget in the democratic sack of shit they call 'candidates'. Tries to identify with people she wouldn't stoop to have coffee with.

  76. pokahontas stands up for Harris…. of course… she stands up for her cheating self….

  77. She’s Nothing more than Willie Brown’s whore. End of story. Bought and paid for by Israel. Not sorry.

  78. So many troubles in this world people got to make them up as they go ,,,,, not crazy about women running for ANYTHING !

  79. You black people got hangups up the ass!!!
    As a white woman !!! you think white people are some kind of prize
    You come to tell me what's better black or white you'll find no difference!!!

  80. Kamala Harris is Black but she's not an American Descendant of Slaves or Foundational Black American like myself. Which is why she cut off Marianne Williamson when she spoke up for Reparations for slavery during the debate. She has no right to the issue so she changed it as to not lose her "People of Color" card. Although Williamson brought up the subject Harris literally cut her off and said "As a person of color I believe I should be the one talking about this." (I'm paraphrasing) and then derailed the entire conversation. Smh.

  81. joe biden has darker skin than her

  82. I remember working with blacks and a "black" guy from Jamaica. I would call him Jamaican not black. This was back in the 90s, so I guess I didn't think of him the same as the other blacks. Was I wrong.

  83. Over 620,000 white people died to free the slaves! Don’t hear that statistic mentioned very often when they are talking about repairations.

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