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    Blue tarps are the new tinfoil hats.

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    MSNBC is so so so terrible.

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    Hillary is just repeating Bill Maher's skit.

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    LIAR Nicky Gayley you Lie.

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    When you gonna cover the Diddy stuff?!? Don’t make me rely on Candace Owen’s!!!

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    If AJ mentions Ted Gunderson as a source and says this dude is crazy, you can be sure AJ is lying.

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    The MTG Jewish space lasers claim actually predates Hawaii and the blue roofs.
    I don't know exactly where it comes from, but I BELIEVE it ties to Judy Wood. But it could also just be about DEW's and the California fires.

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    It used to be back in the 1960s if a woman(who was usually black) was having kids out of wedlock from multiple men and receiving welfare from the state/gov:
    Once they had a certain number of kids they would have to be sterilized ONLY IF they wanted to continue receiving the govt benefits. This was of course before the Deadbeat-Dad Act which forced men to pay child support.
    People now say this is racist and eugenics, but I think it's 100% reasonable.
    It should apply to women of any race though.
    If people want to constantly rely on the government we should make them do thing that stop them from continuing their bad behavior.

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    I thought this was an ad when it started and I was looking for the skip button.
    I heard the kids were playing with Bitcoin, and that's why they weren't getting jobs. A hundred and sixty dollars in two days when you are a teen, living in your parent's basement can be more than you can earn getting greasy over a grill.
    Owen B. had that theory.
    He believes it is being allowed as a promotion of Bitcoin to get people to accept the invasive style of the currency.
    It makes sense to test the system and make people enthusiastic for it.
    But when it becomes the system, it is hell.
    It's best not to be tempted to accept it.
    What do they call it?
    A honeypot?

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    Also, regarding Google..
    I highly doubt that Google is in any sort of trouble whatsoever.
    Google is a data company. They have more data and compute than anyone.
    All of the DEI etc is nothing really. Google is an organ of the state in many ways.
    Gmail, Youtube, Android, Google Docs, Google Search, Google Earth.
    Tell me another company that can see that much of the world? They're sucking everything we do up. Even when I type a message on here, and then I change my mind and I don't ever post it: Google still has it forever.
    People just have no idea, and this has been going on for a long time.

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    Bitcoin is ruled by the interwebz and the tech pseudo gods can take it away.

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    The guy Nima is extremely unlikeable, BUT, he has a point with Matt Rife. He exploded into fame out of nowhere.

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